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List of Top 10 Online Earning Websites in Pakistan

Best online earning websites in Pakistan-realtorspk

Online earning has become trendy in Pakistan. Whether you are a housewife or a student who is eager to save for the future without disturbing your class schedule, online earning websites in Pakistan serve as a great platform for all.

To start the online earning procedure, you will need a smartphone, laptop or PC with a sound Internet connection. However, it is important to stay fair and ethical and build your credibility with clients. It helps you remain successful in the long term.

Make sure that you are only using the platforms that ensure transparent communication and transactions. Deliver what you have committed to and on the given deadline. Most importantly, maintain the quality of your services. Online earning websites are also considered one of the popular business ideas in Pakistan, where you can start earning without any investment.

List of Online Earning Websites in Pakistan

There are numerous websites and applications that help in earning online. These websites let you sit in comfort and make some money. Pakistan is one of the cheapest labor-populated countries in the world. Therefore, these websites help the user to get work from different countries of the world. You can start with a simple data entry job to generate a fortune.

However, there are lots of scams on the internet, and not all of these websites are authentic or reliable. That is why it is important to choose a platform where there are no chances of getting robbed or scammed. is here with a list of the top free online earning websites in Pakistan that are authentic and genuine. So you can work with reliability and deliver your best to build your credibility. Let’s get started:

Website Date of Foundation No. of Users Major Offered Services
UpWork 1999 18 million+ IT, data entry, Data Entry, SEO/SMM, Coding, Designing,
Fiverr 2010 14 million + IT, SEO/SMM, data entry, Writing, Data Entry, Designing, Online Marketing
YouTube 2005 2.3 billion+ Video Sharing and uploading
Freelancer 2009 5 million IT, Coding, Website Development, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing
Daraz 2012 2 million+ Marketing, products selling, data entry
WritersPK 2012 10k+ Freelance Writing Community
ContentMart 2015 50k+ Freelance Writing Community
Writerbay 2007 40K+ Freelance Writing Community
99Designs 2008 —- Freelance Community for Graphic Designers 2011 —- IT, Website Development, Content Writing, Digital Marketing


1. UpWork:

UpWork is considered one of the authentic platforms that is serving as one of the verified online earning websites in Pakistan. It is a marketing platform where you can work with employers worldwide. Upwork is considered an ideal online spot for all, from beginners to expert levels.

Upwork - free online earning website in Pakistan-

The strategy to work on Upwork is easy, and it revolves around your strength of skills. The freelancer needs to set up the account, as it can take a few minutes, and once it is settled, start bidding on projects. However, only bid on the tasks that you find match your skills. To bid on projects, you will need connections; the more connects you have, the more you can bid on the projects. If you are providing services related to real estate don’t forget to read our detailed blog on real estate marketing ideas in pakistan.

Upwork provides a few free connects every month; however, you can also purchase “connects” through online payment to bid more. The amount of bid “connects” depends on the skills and jobs you are applying at the platform.

Once the freelancer gets shortlisted, a short interview between both parties takes place. Once the project is complete, the client can leave reviews on the freelancer profile. It is pretty beneficial for the freelancer as it increases the credibility of the freelancer. Upwork is considered as one of the top online earning websites in Pakistan for students, as you can offer your services in a variety of categories, including data entry, social media marketing, content, graphic designing, etc.

2. Fiverr:

The second on our list is Fiverr, and the name needs no introduction among students. The ease of use and vast scope make it one of the best online earning websites in Pakistan for students. It is a platform where you can show your skills and generate revenue. It is a great venture for students and freelancers to offer their skills to clients from all over the world.

fiverr - best online earning website in pakistan - realtorspk

To use Fiverr, you can create a professional account on Fiverr and write an optimized gig. Once done, wait a little and request the clients on the available jobs. The best thing about Fiverr is that it is one of the free online earning websites in Pakistan, and there is no limitations on sending request.

There are over 300+ categories of jobs where you can show your skills and earn. Many online shopping websites in Pakistan hire freelancers on Fiverr under different categories.

How to withdraw payment on Fiverr?

Fiverr is an international brand where you can earn money. Still, as PayPal is not available in the country, the freelancers need to use an alternative method to withdraw the amount. The online platform works with Payoneer.

Make sure you have created a Payoneer account and linked it with Fiverr so you can withdraw the amount from your local bank. Payoneer charges a specific amount as a fee on every transaction.

3. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the popular social media websites and a search engine. The website is also famous as one of the top online earning app in Pakistan. The website allows one to earn money free or with a small investment. Freelancers usually make videos and upload them on the platform to generate passive income. However, you need to monetize your channel to start earning.

youtube - online earning websites in Pakistan - realtorspk

Video creation can take a little investment, but once your channel gets monetized, it can generate remarkable income every month. Therefore, it is one of the extraordinary investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Once the channel on YouTube gets monetized, connect it with Google AdSense to generate income. Likewise, by enabling ads on your YouTube channel, income can be generated. Due to diverse earning options, it is one of the best online earning websites in Pakistan.

4. Freelancer:

Freelancer is one of the emerging online earning websites in Pakistan without investment. The website offers massive categories on which the freelancers can get work and generate some income. To start your journey on Freelancer, you will need to sign up, create your profile and start bidding on the projects. There are over 1800 categories on Freelancer that you can apply according to your skills.

freelancer - earn money online in pakistan - realtorspk

The significant feature of Freelancer is that it is comparatively new in the market, so there is less competition among the bidders. Hence, beginners have more chances to get work here than on UpWork and Fiver. Therefore, it is also considered the best online earning website in Pakistan for students.

Moreover, it is also a verified online earning website in Pakistan so you can work without any transparency or reliability issues. All of these features have made the website popular among students of universities in Islamabad and in different parts of the country.

5. Daraz:

Daraz is a top e-commerce website and one of the popular online earning websites in Pakistan without investment. The website is newer than any other on our list, and it is leaving its credible impact on the digital world pretty fast.

daraz - top online earning website in pakistan - realtorspk

There are many ways to generate income in Daraz. For instance, as a student, you can use the referral method. The referral method means you can give a link to any Daraz product to as many people as you want and get a commission on every user who has visited or purchased the item through your link.

As a content writer, you can promote the link through affiliate marketing articles. It helps people to know more about the product specification and gets them to click on the link to purchase. If you are a content expert or a data entry expert, there is no need to go elsewhere than Daraz.

Sign a simple contract with the website and start your online journey for earning. Many interior designing companies in Pakistan offer internships to students to promote their products The ease of earning and flexibility has made Daraz as one of the best online earning websites in Pakistan for students.

6. WritersPK

WritersPK presents an unparalleled online earning opportunity specifically tailored for the Pakistani freelance writing community. It provides a venue for showcasing writing skills, connecting with clients, and offering diverse writing services. With over 10k+ members, it’s a prime site for networking and successful project completion.

writerspk - online earning website for writers - realtorspkThis platform not only empowers Pakistani writers by connecting them with significant earning opportunities but also contributes substantially to the freelance economy. Writers here have the potential to earn between $300 to $500 monthly, depending on their expertise and dedication to their craft.

What sets WritersPK apart is its effortless registration process, emphasizing its commitment to the Pakistani freelance writing community. This ease of access has enabled thousands of writers to explore passive income opportunities, marking WritersPK as a crucial platform for local writers aiming to monetize their skills. In summary, WritersPK is more than just an online earning website; it’s a pivotal platform promoting the growth and success of Pakistani writers in the digital world.

7. ContentMart

ContentMart is a standout online platform in Pakistan, offering freelance writers a chance to connect with clients in need of high-quality content. Launched in 2015, ContentMart has quickly established itself as a trusted marketplace for writers and content seekers alike.content mart - top online earning websites for writers - realtorspkThe platform boasts an impressive community, with over 50k+ freelance writers and 28k+ clients, highlighting its widespread acceptance and reliability in the content creation space. Freelancers on ContentMart have the potential to earn significantly. On average, writers make between $400 and $500 per month. However, top performers can earn much more, with monthly earnings reaching $1,000 to $2,000, thanks to additional rewards and recognition.

ContentMart serves as a comprehensive marketplace for a variety of content needs. Whether clients are looking for articles, blogs, website content, social media posts, or other written content, they are likely to find a skilled professional on ContentMart. This platform not only facilitates income generation for writers but also ensures clients can easily find quality content creators for their projects.

8. Writerbay

Writerbay offers freelance writers access to a wide array of writing jobs, ranging from academic papers to content creation and technical writing. It distinguishes itself with an intuitive platform and a commitment to connecting writers with quality writing opportunities. Serving a broad spectrum of clients, including educational institutions, marketing agencies, and tech companies, Writerbay facilitates a dynamic marketplace for writing talent.

writerbay - real earning websites - realtorspk

The platform stands out for its flexibility, enabling writers to select assignments that match their skills and interests. This feature ensures that writers engage in projects they are passionate about, enhancing job satisfaction. Writerbay is known for its competitive compensation, with the potential for writers to earn up to $4,000 per month depending on the assignment’s complexity and the writer’s level of expertise.

A noteworthy aspect of Writerbay is its widespread endorsement by the freelance community, with 80% of freelancers recommending the platform to their peers. This high rate of satisfaction underscores the platform’s effectiveness in providing reliable and lucrative writing opportunities. With thousands of writers globally, Writerbay demonstrates its capacity to handle a substantial volume of projects while maintaining quality and efficiency.

9. 99Designs:

99Designs serves as a platform connecting designers with clients needing custom designs. With a global community of more than one million designers, 99Designs has become a go-to marketplace for logos, websites, book covers, and various other design needs. This vast network allows for a diverse range of creativity and styles, ensuring clients find the perfect match for their projects.99designs - online earning website for designers - realtorspk

The platform operates on a contest basis, where clients outline their design briefs, and designers submit their concepts. This approach not only raises competition but also offers designers a unique opportunity to showcase their skills to potential long-term clients. Since its inception, 99Designs has hosted hundreds of thousands of contests, making it a marketplace for creative work. The company achieved profitability in 2017, and by February 2018, it reported $60 million a year in revenue, marking its significance and success in the creative industry.

Financially, 99Designs has facilitated millions of dollars in payouts to its designer community. The platform offers designers the flexibility to earn in various ways, including direct collaborations with clients through project work. With clients spanning from startups to established businesses, designers have the potential to earn significant income, depending on the project’s scope and expertise level.


Fivesquid, launched in 2011, serves as a marketplace for freelancers looking to offer their services online. It’s designed to connect skilled individuals with clients in need of those skills, encompassing a wide array of services from graphic design to digital marketing.

fivesquid - real app for earning money-realtorspk

Over the years, Fivesquid has seen significant growth. It boasts thousands of active users from over 100 countries, facilitating a global exchange of services and talent. With an ever-expanding client base, the platform has successfully completed numerous projects, contributing to its reputation as a reliable freelance marketplace. Specific figures regarding users, clients, and earnings highlight its substantial impact on the online freelance economy.

Fivesquid offers diverse services, making it a versatile platform for freelancers. Categories range from creative arts to tech solutions, enabling freelancers to find projects that perfectly match their skills. This diversity not only attracts a wide range of freelancers but also caters to the varied needs of clients, making Fivesquid a one-stop shop for online freelance services.


That’s all for now! These are a few of the best online earning websites in Pakistan where you can start your journey of success. The websites help you hone your skills and meanwhile let you generate money. Online earning is easy, but make sure you are not getting involved in any scams. Moreover, deliver the best you can as it builds your credibility in worldwide online marketing.

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