List of Top 7 Libraries in Islamabad in 2024

The capital city of Islamabad, a city known for its modern lifestyle and excellent education, also stands as a collection of the best libraries in Islamabad. These centers of learning are not just for avid readers but are welcoming spaces for anyone seeking a peaceful environment to read or study.

Besides being hubs of knowledge, these libraries are remarkable for their architecture, reflecting the city’s commitment to both learning and aesthetic appeal. Each library is an architectural gem; for those considering investment opportunities, is here to highlight the importance of these libraries as one of the best areas to invest in Islamabad. They offer a serene retreat for students, professionals, or anyone looking to immerse themselves in knowledge or simply enjoy the quiet.

Public libraries in Islamabad for students are particularly beneficial, providing resources and a conducive atmosphere for academic success. These libraries are more than just book repositories; they are vibrant community centers fostering learning and growth.

List of Libraries in Islamabad:

At, we understand the importance of a good library in nurturing minds and preserving culture. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a comprehensive list of libraries in Islamabad, complete with their opening and closing hours and precise locations.

Whether you’re a student, a researcher, or just a curious reader, our list is designed to guide you to the right spot for your literary and academic pursuits. Explore our list today and find your perfect place for reading and learning in the heart of Islamabad.

Name Address Timings
1. National Library Islamabad Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat or Constitution Avenue, G-5 Monday to Friday – 9 am to 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday – 9 am to 5 pm (for members only)

2. Quaid Library Fatima Jinnah Park, Sector F-9 Monday to Saturday – 9 am to 4 pm
3. Islamabad Public Library 9th Avenue, Sector H-9/4, Islamabad Monday to Saturday – 9 am to 5 pm
4. CDA Library and GYM F-11, G-11 Islamabad Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
5. National Resource Library F7 Markaz Islamabad Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
6. Smart Street Library Street 10, F-6/3, F-6 Open 24/7
7. Library of Congress US Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna-5 Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm


1. National Library of Pakistan:

Located in Islamabad, the National Library of Pakistan is a home for the country’s rich literary heritage. With construction starting in the 1980s and its doors opening in 1993, this library has become a prime resource for knowledge seekers. Spread across four floors, it offers a comfortable environment with heating and air conditioning systems.

national libraries in pakistan-realtorspk

The vast basement is dedicated to newspapers, book deliveries, and communication services. Housing an impressive collection of over 130,000 books, manuscripts from the 18th century, and maps from the 19th century, it’s a treasure for enthusiasts. Noteworthy works of Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz are among its prized possessions, along with a rich array of electronic resources like databases and e-journals.

The library boasts a 400-seat auditorium and reading halls that can accommodate 500 people, making it a conducive space for learning and events. Its proximity to top educational institutions aligns it closely with the best schools in Islamabad, serving as an academic cornerstone for students and researchers alike. For students looking into business ideas in Pakistan, the library offers an immense pool of knowledge and resources. Its extensive collection and serene reading environment provide the perfect setting for research, ideation, and academic pursuits.

2. Quaid Public Library:

Quaid-e-Azam Library, recognized as the largest library in Islamabad, stands as a beacon of knowledge in the heart of F9 Park, one of the finest parks in Islamabad. Renowned as Aiwan-e-Quaid Library, it’s a treasure for readers of all ages, providing an extensive collection that includes a specially designed, colorful children’s section. While anyone can engage themselves in the wealth of knowledge here, taking a book home requires a membership, which is a nominal Rs 300, plus a refundable deposit of upto Rs 2000.

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This library goes beyond being a mere source of books. It’s a dynamic community space where minds meet and ideas flourish, regularly hosting literary events and interactive sessions for the younger audience. With its wide array of books, manuscripts, and research materials, coupled with the supportive staff, Aiwan-e-Quaid Library stands out as a premier destination among the libraries in Islamabad, enriching the intellectual and cultural fabric of the city.

3. Islamabad Public Library:

Islamabad Public Library is one of the best public libraries in Islamabad for students. Therefore, the list of renowned libraries in Islamabad cannot be completed without it. The library provides the ideal place to sit, study and research for avid learners.

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Islamabad Public Library has a massive collection of over thirty thousand books, and it is frequently visited by scholars, researchers, CSS, readers, or any book lover who wants to read and increase their knowledge. The library is located in a quiet and peaceful location so the researcher can work better.

The library is one of the public libraries in Islamabad where readers can read without any fee. However, to get a membership card, one has to pay around 500 Rupees as a membership fee. Also read our blog swimming pools in Islamabad.

4. CDA Public Library:

The CDA is a pioneer of a few of the ideal public libraries in Islamabad. The renowned public libraries of Islamabad are located on G-11 & F-11. The CDA libraries are constructed with the collaboration of the CDA and the Department of Libraries Islamabad. The project aims to promote a healthy mind and active lifestyle for all.

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The library has a precise collection of books that are loved by avid readers and book lovers. At the same time, the gym has a collection of up-to-date exercise machines. The reading halls are ideal places for readers to read on different subjects. At the same time, the gym helps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

5. National Resource Library Islamabad:

National Resource Library is an excellent source of reading and research for readers. The literary building consists of several floors full of books on different subjects. The library has a comprehensive collection of books from history to computers, philosophy to science, children’s book collections, to newspapers.

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The public library also organizes events, particularly for children, to engage the visitors in healthy activities and groom the young minds.

One of the significant features of the National Resource Library Islamabad is its location. The library in F-7 Markaz has direct access to facilities and amenities such as shopping centers, eatery places, educational institutes and hospitals in Islamabad.

6. Smart Street Library

In 2021, Islamabad introduced a unique spot for book lovers – the Smart Street Library, initiated by the Director-General of ICT and nestled in the lively sector F-6. This innovative library stands out not just as a place to find books but as a welcoming space where the community can come together. It’s particularly important for those who find the cost of books or library memberships a bit too steep, offering a place where everyone has access to reading material.

smart library

The library serves as an ideal meeting point in the city, fostering a sense of community and shared learning. Its strategic location in sector F-6 does not just make it easily accessible; it also contributes to the area’s appeal, marking it as one of the best areas to invest in Islamabad.

The Smart Street Library is not just for locals; it’s becoming a must-visit spot for tourists too, adding it to the list of top places to visit in Islamabad. This library does more than just lend books; it promotes education and connection in a welcoming environment. It stands as a prime example of the ideal public library in Islamabad, reflecting the city’s dedication to creating spaces that are not just about learning but also about bringing people together.

7. Library of Congress

Library of Congress stands out as a landmark, housing the largest public collection of books in Pakistan and being the second-largest in South Asia. With over two million resources ranging from books and journals to audio and video recordings, it offers a comprehensive storehouse of knowledge. This library serves as a crucial resource for the numerous universities in Islamabad, providing students and academics with essential research materials and a quiet space for study.

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Moreover, the availability of an extensive online catalog and access to various digital resources make it on the list of top public libraries in Islamabad for learning and research. These libraries not only support the academic structure of the city’s universities but also add to Islamabad’s cultural richness, drawing in individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the world of literature and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which is the largest library in Islamabad?

Quaid Public Library in Fatima Jinnah Park F-9 is the largest library in Islamabad.

2. Which is the famous library in Islamabad?

Quaid Public Library in F-9 Islamabad is a famous library in Islamabad.

3. Which is the No.1 library in Islamabad?

National Library Islamabad is known as No.1 library in Islamabad.

Let’s wrap it up:

In conclusion, libraries in Islamabad offer a rich resource for knowledge seekers. These spaces not only house diverse collections but also serve as cultural hubs, promoting learning and community engagement. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or casual reader, the libraries in Islamabad are well-equipped to meet your needs. This capital city’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing these educational sanctuaries showcases its dedication to literacy and intellectual growth. For anyone in Islamabad, these libraries are treasures worth exploring.

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