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schools in Islamabad

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

It is a famous saying of Malcolm X (American Muslim minister and human rights activist) that endorse the importance of education for future generation.

Education is vital in everybody’s lives; it helps to overcome many challenges with flying colors and helps to build a better future. Every parent wishes to provide their children with the best education to enjoy a better future.

Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan, is full of top-notch schools. You can find the best schools for your children accordingly. For instance, the best government schools in Islamabad offer quality education, like Islamabad College for girls F-6/2. There are also lots of best universities in Islamabad like NUST, FAST, Comsats and Air.

On the other hand, eminent names like Roots International and Beacon House are famous for international standard education and atmosphere. Likewise, many schools offer a beautiful blend of Islamic and contemporary education systems.

International Islamic University Schools and AIMS education are among a few of its examples. Please read our blog on top schools in Peshawar for the best educational opportunity in Peshawar.

There are many universities in all provinces of Pakistan; to know more about regions, read our blog on the 5 provinces of Pakistan.

List of Best Schools in Islamabad:

With such an overwhelming list of best schools in Islamabad, it is hard to choose one and leave the other option behind. The competition in the education sector is increasing daily, and parents concern about schools in Islamabad is not 100% wrong. But worry, not has gathered a list of top schools in Islamabad with a brief detail of their features so you can choose the one to educate your children and polish their skills for a better future.

Name Location Website
1. Roots International School Plot No. 216-A, North Service Road, Sector F-10/3 Islamabad
2. Frobel’s International School 10 Street 13, F 7/2, Islamabad
3. Beacon House Pothohar Road I-9/2 Islamabad
4. AIMS Education System House 94, Street 04, H-8/1, Islamabad
5. Headstart School Off Park Rd, Near CDA/Park Enclave, P.O. BOX 1531, Kuri Islamabad
6. Army Public School Army Public School and College System Pothwar Complex Islamabad

So let’s get started:

1. Roots International School:

Roots International School is one of the best private schools in Islamabad. The Main Branch is located in H-8/4, whereas the branches are spread over twin cities. The school is known for offering international education standards and unique teaching methods.Apart from that you can also found the best libraries in Islamabad.

roots school islamabad-realtorspk

The school administration does not compromise on education quality and hires only the best, highly-qualified faculty. Likewise, the school offers exceptional facilities to the students. Being a reputed institute of education, it provides solid foundations of learning and unique ways to nurture children’s minds.

The school offers different language courses, including German, French & Chinese, and English. Roots International School has more than eighty-five campuses nationwide, and approximately 25 to 27 thousand students are enrolled.

The teachers encourage students to participate in national and international competitions and seminars and organize co-curricular activities to train and polish their skills.

The school offers education from Montessori level to A-level. However, the student can choose IGSCE, Matric, FSC, and A-level qualifications.If you are a resident of KP, read our blog on top medical colleges in Peshawar for the best medical education.

2. Frobel’s International School:

Frobel’s International School is among the top schools in Islamabad. It has been known as the best primary schools in Islamabad from the very start. The school was founded 47 years back in 1975 by Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan with only ten students and soon became one of the leading schools in the city.

frobels international school islamabad-realtorspk

The school offers the best international standard education and top-notch facilities like the latest labs, professional staff, arts & crafts room, and sports areas.

The main branch of the school is located on F-7, Islamabad, whereas branches are spread all over twin cities. Please read our blog on top areas to invest in Islamabad to find a house near the school.

Frobel also offers certification in Montessori, primary, secondary, and O & A levels. Its excellent education system, top-notch atmosphere, and facilities are also famous as one of the most expensive schools in Islamabad.

3. Beacon House:

Beacon House School System is one of the top-notch private international schools in Islamabad. Beacon House started its journey in 2975 as a Montessori School, and over time it began to offer national and international educational degrees. For instance, the student can opt for IGSCE, O & A levels.

best school in islamaba-realtorspk

Beacon House School System has more than 146 campuses in every major city in the country. For instance, the branches of Beacon House can be easily found in Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, Mardan, Mirpur, Nowshera, Islamabad, Hafizabad, Jhang, Gujrat, Karachi, Kharian, Lahore, Mirpur, Peshawar, etc.

Beacon House network is also spread in many foreign countries like UAE, Belgium, Malaysia, Oman, and the UK. The school strictly follows the Child Protection Policy, making it one of the best private schools in Islamabad.

Beacon House also helps and manages other educational institutes in Pakistan, includes:

  • Bubbles – playgroup/Montessori program
  • Beacon House International College
  • Beacon House National University
  • Beacon House New Lands – one of the boarding schools in Islamabad.

Beacon House New Lands is among the top boarding Schools in Islamabad that offers certification in primary, middle, and secondary courses apart from diplomas in different subjects.

If you want a complete guide on medical colleges in the capital of Pakistan, read our blog on the top medical colleges in Islamabad for comprehensive information.

4. AIMS Education System:

AIMS Education System is one of the prestigious schools in Islamabad, founded in 1998. The founder of the schools is renowned educationists Dr. Amat ul Rafi Mohammad Bashir and Mr. Almaas Ayoub Sabir. The school is designed for a Muslim child growing up in a constantly changing world of technology.

top schools in islamabad-realtorspk

Twenty years in the field of education, the school has a solid and dynamic syllabus created by professionals to cater to the needs of today’s children. The school offers different courses from Montessori level to FA & FSC level.

AES or AIMS Education System offers visionary courses for girls and boys, and each is given a customized environment for education. The school aims to fill the deficiencies in the country’s prevailing education system by integrating ideological aspects of training and education for all.

AIMS offer a beautiful blend of Islamic and modern education system to those who want their children to be significant Muslim and do not lack in the modern world as well. AES is also one of the best schools in Islamabad with fees affordable for the middle class.

The school’s main campus is H-8 Islamabad, and various branches are spread in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The area is also one of the renowned places for real estate investment in Pakistan. Please read our blog on making profitable property investments in Pakistan before investing in property.

5. Headstart School:

Headstart School is one of the newest schools on our list that offer exceptional education to students. The school was established in 1991, and now it has over ten branches in different areas of Islamabad. The school provides excellent extra-curricular activities and other societies like HSMUN and the robotic society.

headstart school islamabad-realtorspk

The school is famous for its education and training system and highly qualified faculty. There are around 365 skilled teachers who are teaching in school. The school offers a qualification in preschool. IGSCE and A level.

6. Army Public School:

Last but not least on our list is Army Public School and College. The school is popularly known as APS, and its branches are spread throughout Pakistan. One of the reasons for the popularity of the school is its name given by the Pakistan Army. The school is also famous with the name of eminent people who have studied in it.

APS strives to provide the best education for all with discipline and polish the skills of students. The school encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities such as seminars, competitions, and sports programs.

Army Public School has developed different societies to hone the skills of children. For instance, journalism, debate, and drama society. The school consistently ranks among Islamabad’s top schools for its excellent education and facilities.

APS has around 168 branches throughout Pakistan. From Quetta to Peshawar and from Kashmir to Karachi, you will find branches of APS everywhere. The school offers different educational certificates from Preschool to FSC/O Levels.

If you are a resident of Peshawar, read our blog on top universities in Peshawar for a comprehensive guide.

Let’s wrap:

That’s all for now! We hope you have found this helpful information and decide on your child’s bright future easily. Stay tuned to for the latest news and information.

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