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WASA Lahore decides to increase tax on multi-storey commercial buildings

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The Water & Sanitation Agency – WASA of Lahore has decided to increase the expansion prices for vertical multi-storey commercial projects in the provincial capital by 200% of the current values.

The WASA has compiled a comprehensive working paper that will be presented in the board meeting for the final approval of the authorities. WASA has decided to increase the tax on commercial multi-storey buildings to get enough funds for the upgradation of the sewerage system of Ferozepur Road.

The charges will be effected as follows:

Single storey 1 Kanal building old charges were 2 Lac, and after implementation, the new charges will be 6 Lac rupees. Likewise, for a 2-storey building, the charges are 225,000; after implementation, it will be 650,000.

For 3-storey 1 Kanal building, the prices will be changed from 250,000 to 7 Lacs & for a 4-storey one Kanal building, it will be 8 Lac from 3 Lacs rupees.

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