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CDA’s Four-Day Auction Commences with Historic PKR 1.42 Billion Bid

CDA auctioned plots record| Realtorspk Blog
Islamabad: The auction scheduled for 17th-20th October has started with a buzzing bid of a whopping PKR 1.42 billion.
The Capital Development Authority – CDA auctioned four plots on the first day, earning PKR 7.743 billion. Plot 53F, spanning an area of 666.67 square yards, was successfully sold for PKR 1.42 billion. Plot 53D was sold for a substantial amount of PKR 1.09 billion. Both plots are located in the I-8 Sector.
The four-day auction includes properties in exclusive areas like the Northern Strip of E-11 and Blue Area. Attendees can bid on numerous properties, including Class III shopping centers, petrol pumps, and Park Enclave Commercial properties. The auction offers various properties, including agro-farms, industrial plots, and apartments.
Additionally, plots designated for food items like vegetables and fruit shops in the I-11 markets are included in the auction. Notably, the auction marks the first inclusion of commercial plots designated for hostels.
A committee headed by Member Estate is supervising the proceedings of this auction. The received bids will be thoroughly scrutinized and approved by the authority board.
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