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List of Top 7 Museums in Pakistan

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Pakistan is home to diverse and rich history, as many empires and civilizations have flourished on its land for centuries. The country is known for its colorful diversity with natural beauty, cuisine, culture & historical sites. With a diverse history, there are numerous famous museums in Pakistan where one can find ancient artifacts, manuscripts and coins. The museums offer the best place to explore Pakistan’s ancient culture and heritage.

Pakistan is like a treasure chest filled with stories from the past. The historical places in Pakistan, like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, which signify the ancient city life, are worth visiting. These places show us how advanced and organized people were thousands of years ago. Then there are the old Buddhist and Sant temples, silent yet powerful reminders of the country’s diverse spiritual roots. And let’s not forget the grand castles like Katas Raj, which feel like they’ve been lifted straight from a fairy tale. Every corner of Pakistan tells a story, inviting you to step into a world where history feels alive and just a touch away.

In Islamabad only, there are more than 10 historical sites where one can visit and see a glimpse of colorful ancient culture.

List of Museums in Pakistan:

Exploring the museums across the provinces of Pakistan is like stepping into a different era. From the rich mix of culture in Sindh to the storied past of Punjab, the untamed trails of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the ancient mysteries of Balochistan, each museum is a door to another world. With over 30 spots to choose from, including both private and national treasures, you’re not just checking out museums; you are getting into the heart of Pakistan’s heritage. These places don’t just display old objects; they tell the stories, traditions, and ways of life that have shaped this nation. Whether you’re into history, love exploring different cultures, or just curious, the museums in Pakistan’s varied provinces offer a real, up-close look at a land rich with stories from centuries past, ready to be discovered.

If you are also interested to know more about the history and rich culture of our beloved country, you have landed at the right place. brings you the list of the top 5 museums in Pakistan that showcase the country’s diverse culture and rich history. From the most famous museums in Pakistan to the biggest museum in Pakistan, you will find all on the list.

So let’s start with the list of museums in Pakistan that display a beautiful glimpse of Pakistan’s rich history and diverse culture.

Museums Location
1. National Museum Karachi Shahrah-e-Kemal Ataturk, Saddar Karachi
2. Lahore Museum, Lahore H895+93H, Mall Rd, Anarkali Bazaar
3. Lok Virsa Museum Garden Avenue, Shakarparian Rd, Isamabad
4. Taxila Museum PRW9+9FG, Shahpur Rd, Bhir Mound City Walls, Taxila
5. Swat Museum Saidu Sharif Rd, Mingora, Swat
6. Harappa Museum Chichawatni Harapa Road, Harappa, Sahiwal District, Punjab, Pakistan
7. Peshawar Museum Saddar Road, Opp. Governor House & Civil Secretariat, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan.

1. National Museum of Pakistan

national museum in pakistan- Realtorspk

National Museum in Karachi is the biggest museum in Pakistan and one of the oldest historical places in the country. The historical museum was established in 1950 in Frere Hall. The premises of the historical institute were shifted to Burns Garden in 1970.

Ideally located among the engineering wonders of dams in Pakistan lies the country’s largest museum, a place that boasts an astonishing collection of 58,000 ancient coins dating back to 74 Al-Hijra and lifelike sculptures of historical figures. More than just a museum, it’s a tunnel to the past, with exhibitions that narrate stories through time. Book enthusiasts can revel in a vast library of approximately 70,000 books and publications, each page echoing the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Pakistan. This museum isn’t just a place to visit; it’s an immersive experience that bridges the past with the present.

Among the many tourist attraction, the galleries of the museum include sculptures from the Gandhara civilization, miniature paintings, Islamic art, rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran & old coins.

What really distinguishes the National Museum from all other museums in Pakistan is that it was established after partition as a different museum to showcase the history of the country. Moreover, it holds some of the oldest artifacts excavated in the country.

2. Lahore Museum

museums in lahore-realtorspk

If you’re walking around Lahore, make sure to visit Lahore Museums as it’s not just a historical place but also an impressive piece of architecture. Positioned on Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, this red-brick building has been a symbol of culture since 1894. Its design is an intriguing blend of British Colonial and Mughal elements, a real treat for the eyes.

But there’s more to the area than just the museum. If you’re a fan of cricket or just enjoy experiencing the local atmosphere, you’re in for a treat. A quick 20-minute drive will take you to one of the most famous cricket stadiums in Pakistan, the Gaddafi Stadium. Known as one of the best stadiums, it’s more than a venue for sports; it’s a center of energy and excitement. Whether there’s a game happening or not, the energy around the stadium is noticeable.

The city’s historical museum boasts a remarkable collection of around 60 thousand artifacts of artistic, cultural and historical value. The articles in the museum depict ancient and modern heritage. The articles represent histories of Jain, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam.

The visitors can study and view the collection of Gandhara sculptures, Islamic decorative arts, rare manuscripts and miniature paintings. Apart from these, enjoy a glimpse of Indus history through ancient Indus seals, ancient seals, paintings from the Colonial & Modern world and ethnographic works.

There are around 13 galleries in the most visited museum in Pakistan and every gallery showcase separate civilization. Lahore museum is actively engaged in conducting exhibitions and public programs.

3. Lok Virsa Heritage Museum

Museum in Islamabad-Realtorspk

When you’re hunting for places to visit in Islamabad, the Lok Virsa Museum, also known as the Heritage Museum, is a gem of history you won’t want to miss. Settled in Islamabad’s ideal location, this museum first opened its doors in 1982 and spans an impressive 20 thousand square feet. It underwent a significant makeover in 2004, transforming into what we now know as the Pakistan National Museum of Ethnology. It’s not just a museum; it’s a journey through the rich culture of Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

From the vibrant history of Punjab to the traditions of its deserts, these institutions offer a captivating journey through time and culture. Discover the Cholistan Desert Museum, a collection of artifacts showcasing the desert’s diversity. Get to know about the vibrant culture of the Thar Desert at the Thar Heritage Museum in Sindh. These museums not only preserve the heritage of the deserts in Pakistan but also provide insight into the resilience and creativity of the people who have flourished in these arid landscapes for generations. Don’t miss the chance to connect with Pakistan’s cultures on your next visit to this beautiful country.

The primary purpose of the historic building is to educate & enlighten the present and future generations of the country. The museum also tries to create a place for the nation to visit and value the diversity of different regions.

The diversity of culture is showcased mainly through pictures, statues, textile work, pottery and music. It is a great asset and an ideal place to visit for those new to Pakistan. Therefore, if you are visiting the country for the first time, the museum will guide you about everything you would want to know about Pakistan’s traditions, history and culture.

4. Taxila Museum

Museum in Islamabad-Realtorspk

Taxila Museum is among the biggest museum in Pakistan, which foundation was laid in 1918 by the then Viceroy and Governor General of British India, Lord Chelmsford. The opening ceremony of the majestic museum was held in April 1928, nearly after ten years of construction.

The museum near Taxila stands as a tribute to preserving the artworks and items discovered in the ruins of Buddhist heritage, a heritage dating back to the 1800s. This historical treasure offers a unique perspective on Pakistan’s past.While you are exploring Pakistan’s rich heritage at these museums, don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of the famous lakes in Pakistan. These lakes are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also play a significant role in the country’s natural landscape.

The majestic museum has one of the most comprehensive collections of stucco and stone sculptures from the Buddhist Art of the Gandhara Civilization. The historical institute is located in the Taxila region, right in the centre of several archaeological sites scattered around the area.

The core collection of the Museum is discovered from excavation sites of Taxila Valley, including Sirkap, Sisukh, Bhir Mound and also from Buddhist stupas & monasteries at Dharmarajika, Jauilian, Mohra Moradu, Giri, etc.

For now, there are approximately 7 thousand artifacts displayed at the Taxila Museum, and approximately 30 thousand are preserved in the reserved collection. The museum’s articles include sacred relics of Buddha, relic caskets, inscriptions, jewelry, beads, coins, tools, utensils, pottery and several architectural and household items.

5. Swat Museum

swat museum -realtorspk

Swat Museum is one of the famous historical institutes in KPK located at Mingora and Saidu Road in Swat District. The magnificent museum is located on Saidu Sharif Road, 1.9 Km from Mingora Town.

The museum was constructed on Italian architecture at the request of the Wali of Swat in 1958. The Italian archeologists began research in the valley in the 1950s at Wali’s request.

Pakistan is home to some of the most breathtaking hill stations in the world. These attractive destinations offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Pakistan’s hill stations have something for everyone.

Although the museum was built in 1950, with low maintenance and care, it was reconstructed in the 1990s with the aid of the Japanese Government, and items were presented in a new way. The museum was renovated in 2011, and in 2014, it was reopened for the general public.

The museum has a wide range of collections from Buddhist sites. It is not wrong to say that the responsible authority showcases the entire lifestyle of the ancient Buddhist community.The Museum of Swat showcases over 3000 articles and objects that reflect the diverse history of Swat. It also contains a collection from the massive history of locally excavated sculptures of Gandhara. The collection is rearranged & labelled to display the story of Gautama Buddha’s life. The ethnographic section of the Museum is the best perfect example of local embroidery, antique jewellery & wood carvings.

6. Harappa Museum:

Harappa Museum in

Harappa Museum is one of the historical museums in Pakistan located in Punjab. The museum showcases the massive collection of ruins from the Indus Valley Civilization. The civilization is considered the oldest in the subcontinent region. The collection of items showcases the culture and lifestyle of that period. The incredible features of the museum make it one of the national monuments in Pakistan.

The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts excavated from the nearby Harappa archaeological site, one of the oldest cities depicting the Indus Valley Civilization. These precious items include pottery, jewelry, figurines, tools, and ample stone sculptures and architectural elements. One of the museum’s most remarkable displays is the replica of the famous Dancing Girl statue, originally discovered at the Harappa site in 1926.

The statue itself symbolizes exceptional artistic and technical accomplishments of the Indus Valley Civilization that date back to 2500 BCE. Apart from the astonishing masterpieces of the old civilization, the museum is full of many items that reflect the lifestyle of people of that time. Therefore, the museum is considered the best museum in Pakistan.

Apart from its fascinating exhibits, the Harappa Museum houses a research center focused on studying the Indus Valley Civilization. This center offers workshops and seminars for researchers and students and provides amenities for visiting scholars.

Overall, the Harappa Museum is a captivating destination for those curious about the history and culture of South Asia. Its exceptional collection of artifacts and emphasis on the Indus Valley Civilization makes it a must-visit place for tourists and researchers alike

7. Peshawar Museum:

museum in peshawar-realtorspk

Peshawar is one of the important cities located in KPK, Pakistan. Numerous features of the city make it important throughout the history. For instance, the city is strategically located on the route of the Silk Road. The city has seen an era of many renowned empires. Hence, we can see the historical marks through numerous landmarks and monuments in the city.

There are many famous mosques in Peshawar, like Mahabat Khan Mosque, which is one of the architectural marvels standing magnificently in the city for decades.

Peshawar Museum is one of the oldest museums in Pakistan that was established in 1907. The museum has many artifacts that offer a glimpse of the region’s ancient cultural heritage. The museum has a diverse collection of artifacts from centuries, and the most famous among them is the Gandhara Civilization collection. In the gallery of Gandhara civilization, one can witness the majestic fusion of Buddhist and Greek art that emerged during the rule of the Kushan Empire.

Furthermore, within its walls, visitors can explore diverse galleries featuring Islamic art and calligraphy exhibits. Moreover, the museum also houses other captivating galleries, such as the Ethnographic Gallery, which showcases traditional costumes and crafts from various ethnic groups in the area. Additionally, there is the Archaeological Gallery, which presents artifacts originating from diverse archaeological sites across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


1. How Many museums in Pakistan?

There are 30 + museums in Pakistan, and 15 are famous nationwide.

2. Which is the biggest museum in Pakistan?

National Museum Karachi is the biggest museum in Pakistan.

3. Which is the oldest & largest museum in Pakistan?

Lahore Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Pakistan. The museum was built and opened its door to the public in 1894.

4. Who designed the swat museum?

The Italian architect Vittonio Cardi designed the swat museum’s first building in 1950’s.

5. What is the significance of the Peshawar Museum?

The Peshawar Museum is famous for the world’s largest and most important collection of Gandhara Art. If you want to know more about the history of Peshawar you must visit the best historical places in Peshawar.


So that’s all for now! Pakistan has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and the museums from every part of the country offer a glimpse into the glorious past. Visit any of these famous museums today and get immersed in the country’s colorful heritage.

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