List of Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Islamabad

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Coworking spaces in Islamabad have become increasingly important for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. These flexible and collaborative environments provide a range of benefits that can greatly enhance productivity, creativity, and networking opportunities. Freelancers often face the challenge of working in isolation, leading to decreased motivation and limited professional growth. Read our blog business ideas in pakistan.

Coworking spaces address this issue by offering a shared office space where freelancers can work alongside like-minded individuals, fostering community and support. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, coworking spaces provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional office spaces, allowing them to access premium facilities without the burden of high overhead costs. For cozy environment checkout the best interior designing companies in pakistan who offers creative interior designing services.

Whether you’re a freelancer seeking a quiet corner or a startup team needing dedicated meeting rooms and amenities, has your back. In the following sections, we’ll explore the top coworking spaces in Islamabad, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they have become popular choices among professionals in the city.

List of Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Islamabad

When it comes to finding a modern sharing space in Islamabad, there is no shortage of popular coworking spaces that offer shared office spaces to cater to the needs of freelancers and professionals alike. These coworking spaces provide flexible and collaborative environments where individuals can work, network, and grow their businesses. Furthermore, investing in such office constructions serves as a lucrative opportunity for profitable property investment. .To make your search for the perfect coworking space in Islamabad easier, here is a comprehensive list of the best coworking spaces in Islamabad. So let’s have a look together!

Company Name     Contact                    Location
1.The Desk 051-8442556 Lower Ground, Plot 349 St#01, I-9/3 ,Islamabad Capital Territory
2.Coco Space 0335-5507777 Plot no, 3A Korang Road, Markaz I 10 Markaz I-10, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000
3.Daftarkhwan 051-2722077 Plot no. 94, Street 7, I-10/3, Islamabad
4.Kickstart 0333-0596162 Kickstart, 189 Korang Road, I-10/3 I 10/3 I-10,Islamabad Capital Territory
5.KNCT 0333 0008655 Plot 59G, Street 7, I-10/3, I-10, Islamabad

1.The Desk

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Next on our list of coworking spaces in Islamabad is The Desk. The Desk is a contemporary coworking space in Islamabad that offers a wide range of facilities, amenities, and features to optimize your workday. The interiors are thoughtfully designed and equipped with modern conveniences, ensuring you have everything you need for maximum productivity. One of the best things about this coworking space is its diversity. Students looking for secluded places to write up theses, dissertations, and other academic work can also opt for these coworking spaces. For online earning checkout the Unique Business Ideas in Pakistan For Students

This modern sharing space in Islamabad stands out for its high-speed Wi-Fi and ethernet access points, ensuring a seamless online experience. The air-conditioned rooms provide a comfortable and tranquil work environment, promoting focus and relaxation. Moreover, joining The Desk is hassle-free, with no upfront fees, deposits, or hidden charges, making the membership process smooth and straightforward.

The Desk boasts a spacious office area to accommodate businesses of all sizes. It provides separate cabins, desks, and rooms, offering a private and uninterrupted work experience. The Desk caters to your needs whether you prefer a dedicated space or require meeting privacy.

2.Coco Space

shared office spaces Isl

If you’re seeking a modern sharing space in Islamabad that embraces collaboration and innovation, look no further than Coco Space. This dynamic space combines a sleek design with cutting-edge technology, creating an inspiring environment for professionals to thrive and connect. Coco Space is a modern sharing space in Islamabad designed explicitly for freelancers. It stands out among the list of coworking spaces in the city due to its prime location on I-10 Markaz. Read our blog on Universities in Islamabad.

Coco Space provides freelancers with a professional and collaborative environment with a range of options including shared spaces, private offices, and conference rooms. Its central location offers easy accessibility, and amenities such as stable internet, reliable power backup, central cooling and heating, complimentary tea and coffee, a well-equipped kitchen, and an activity area contribute to a productive and enjoyable working experience. The features and amenities of Coco Space make it a preferred coworking space for freelancers in Islamabad.


coworking spcaes in islamabad-realtorspk

Daftarkhwan is listed among the popular coworking spaces that have transformed how people work. With flexible membership options, a well-designed environment, and a supportive community, Daftarkhwan offers professionals a productive and collaborative workspace. It provides various amenities such as high-speed internet, dedicated seating, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and event spaces, hosts networking events, and promotes work-life balance. The offices are secured and insured with the top rated insurance companies in Pakistan.

Daftarkhwan boasts a serene color scheme and comfortable furniture in its interior design, fostering an atmosphere that encourages productivity and creativity. The personalized support from community managers ensures a seamless experience. This modern sharing space in Islamabad has become a hub for professionals seeking an inspiring and inclusive work environment.


coworking spcaes islamabad-realtorspk

Kickstart is a highly popular coworking space in Islamabad, catering to startups, established companies, and freelance agencies. With its convenient location, flexible workspace options, and value-added services, Kickstart provides a vibrant and supportive professional environment. It fosters collaboration, offers virtual office solutions, and ensures scalability as businesses grow. Construction companies in pakistan excel in building comfortable offices space.

Kickstart offers virtual office options for businesses looking to establish a professional presence without needing a physical office. This allows companies to have a prestigious address, mail handling services, and access to meeting rooms as needed, providing a cost-effective solution for remote and virtual teams. Kickstart is preferred for those seeking a dynamic and productive workspace in Islamabad.


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When finding the perfect blend of modernity and sophistication in Islamabad, KNCT reigns supreme. If you’re looking for a workspace that embodies professionalism and innovation, your search ends here. Checkout the best places to visit in Islamabad.

Designed to support your business goals, KNCT offers a coworking space that prioritizes a distraction-free environment for startup founders and digital service providers. Managed by IT and tech experts, KNCT understands the unique challenges startups and digital influencers face, ensuring a supportive and tailored experience.

Beyond providing a peaceful and focused workspace, KNCT offers an array of amenities to enhance your productivity. From high-speed internet and air conditioning to printing facilities, secure lockers, a coffee shop, a fitness room, and free parking, KNCT ensures you can access all the resources you need and more.


Islamabad offers many coworking spaces, making it an ideal destination for freelancers and professionals searching for a modern sharing space. The city boasts a diverse list of coworking spaces, each catering to the unique needs of freelancers. These popular coworking spaces provide a range of options, including shared office spaces, dedicated desks, and conference rooms, ensuring freelancers find the perfect coworking space for their requirements. With their convenient locations in Islamabad, these coworking spaces provide accessibility and a professional environment for freelancers to thrive.

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