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Top 5 Commercial Areas To Invest in Islamabad

Real estate investments are one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in Pakistan. Living in the Federal Capital of Pakistan or investing in the city is one of the biggest dreams of every citizen of Pakistan. There are several top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad where they can spend their hard-earned money and make the future brighter and safer.

There are many housing societies in Islamabad where people are investing and generating RoI with ease. The real estate market of Islamabad is one of the most stable property markets in the country, where people can buy offices, commercial plots or shops to receive high capital gains or make worthy rental income.

Why Invest in Islamabad?

There are numerous reasons to find investment opportunities in Islamabad. The city is the capital of Pakistan and one of the safest cities in the country. You will find many places to visit in Islamabad to enjoy breathtaking views of Margalla hills, tantalizing food, or spend quality time in lush green parks.

Enjoy historical places like Saidpur Village, have a relaxing time with family at Lake View Park, or adore the cup of coffee with scrumptious refreshments and mesmerizing views in the cafes of Islamabad. Likewise, you can study at Pakistan’s best national and international educational institutes and work at national and multinational companies.

Being the country’s Federal Capital, the city offers several opportunities to grow. Here are a few reasons that make Islamabad one of the best areas for real estate investment in Pakistan:

  • High Returns on Investment
  • Safe Investment opportunity
  • Increase chances for international exposure with foreign clients
  • High-Quality standards of infrastructure and construction as there are eminent construction companies in Islamabad.

List of Top Commercial Areas to Invest in Islamabad:

As there are numerous investment opportunities in Islamabad, buying commercial real estate is considered as best investment option. Now the next question is where to invest in such a huge city. The areas like Blue Area and 1-8 are popular commercial and business hubs in the city.

The areas are in proximity to the best shopping malls in Islamabad and many other facilities and amenities. Moreover, there are areas in the vicinity of the city which are rapidly growing and make their place in the list of best areas for real estate investment in Pakistan and Islamabad.

You can buy commercial plots in the areas and construct your dream business building from scratch or invest in commercial spaces in high-rise buildings. The plot sizes in commercial areas of Islamabad are different from others. Therefore, it is important to know about plot size conversion before buying a plot. is here with a list of top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad that are offering numerous investment opportunities in Islamabad without proving heavier on the pocket.

  1. Blue Area
  2. DHA
  3. B17
  4. Gulberg Greens
  5. Bahria Town

Let’s have a look!

1. Blue Area:

Talking about top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad and leaving Blue Area behind is not possible at all! The first ever option that comes to anyone’s mind for commercial investment in Islamabad is Blue Area. The area is not just any random location in Islamabad. It is the oldest and top commercial sector in Islamabad. It is known as an eminent commercial district in the city. The real estate sector is making steady progress, the industry is revolutionizing and making new history; thanks to technology and the efforts of top real estate companies in Pakistan,

blue area islamabad-realtorspk

The popular business district is spread along Jinnah Avenue, and people from twin cities can easily access it through several metro stations at walking distance. The area is the hub of offices, shops, famous food points, shopping malls, etc. Blue Area is home to renowned commercial businesses, including Stock Exchange, NADRA facilitation Center, Beverly Center, and Saudi Pak Tower, among other private and government buildings. You can also find offices of famous insurance companies in Islamabad in the Blue Area.

Therefore, the abundance of features makes Blue Area a top commercial area to invest in Islamabad. The commercial district is also home to the mega company

The business district is one of the most developed business hubs in the city. Due to its legacy and features, the area is also one of the luxurious sectors of Islamabad.

2. DHA Islamabad:

DHA, or Defense Housing Authority, is one of Islamabad’s eminent and top-notch commercial and residential housing schemes. It’s the name of remarkable investment opportunities, a luxurious, comfortable life, and home to renowned businesses. Regardless of which city you are located in, DHA stands as the most popular option for residential and commercial investors. It is also considered the top area for buying houses in Islamabad.

DHA islamabad-realtorspk

The housing society is located on GT Road and consists of various sectors. It is adjacent to the prominent gated community of Pakistan – Bahria Town. DHA is divided into 5 Phases: two extensions and a DHA Valley.

People from Pakistan and overseas rush to invest in DHA for abundant reasons like quality construction standards, ultra-modern infrastructure, security systems, world-class facilities and top-notch security systems. Therefore, people love to grab an opportunity to invest in commercial properties of DHA. Along with location you must also check the floor plans for House before buying any house in a good location.

DHA is one of the fast-developing housing societies in the city. One of the features that make it ideal for investment is dedicated commercial and residential areas that meet the lifestyle of the people. The luxurious housing society is home to breathtaking views, a smartly planned master plan, and the potential to generate revenue from real estate development.

Among different phases of DHA, Phase 2, 3 and DHA Valley are best commercial areas to invest in Islamabad. The investors can buy commercial plots or shops/ offices in the magnificent high-rise of Defense Housing Authority.

3. B17:

Islamabad’s development is at its peak, and B17 is one of the fastest-developed sectors of the city. The sector is developed by the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society or commonly known as MPCHS. It is located in Zone 2 of the federal capital of Pakistan.

B17 Islamabad-realtorspk

The sector might be newer than DHA or Blue Area. Still, for its eminent features, it has made its place in top commercial areas to invest in Islamabad. Commercial and residential investors are attracted to B17 for lucrative investment opportunities in Islamabad.

Sector B-17 is at the foot of Margalla Hills, surrounded by Motorway M1 and GT Road. So, people from twin cities living outside Rawalpindi and Islamabad can easily access the location. The sector is spread over 1600 Kanals (approximately).

Other reasons that make it an ideal location to invest in include a picturesque view, budget-friendly prices, the potential to generate consistent RoI, etc. The sector is home to renowned high-rise mixed-use, residential and commercial projects in islamabad such as; Doha Emporium and Aimal Tower.

4. Gulberg Greens:

Gulberg is the second name for ultra-modern lifestyle and sophisticated commercial spots. It needs no intro to investors and buyers in Pakistan. The area was developed by popular IBECHS in 2005, and since then, it has become the top housing society in Pakistan.

gulberg greens islamabad-realtorspk

Gulberg Green is also known as a city within a city for several reasons. The housing scheme is located in Zone IV, Islamabad, at a prime location on the Islamabad Expressway. The housing society is also known as the home to Islamabad’s first mixed-use development projects.

Gulberg is now divided into two parts; Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia. As the name shows, Residencia consists of residential plots and high rises. On the other hand, Gulberg Green is one of the famous commercial areas of Islamabad.

The facilities and amenities offered by Gulberg Green are unmatched. The region features a beautifully landscaped green environment, top-of-the-line healthcare facilities following international standards, exceptional educational institutions, and various shopping malls and the top rated restaurants in Islamabad. As a result, it presents numerous commercial investment prospects for investors, encompassing office spaces, shops, and commercial plots available for sale.

5. Bahria Town:

Bahria Town is renowned for many features, such as;

The first gated community was a name of luxury, serenity, comfort and investment opportunities in Pakistan. Living in Pakistan and not knowing about Bahria Town is nearly impossible.

Bahria town-realtorspk

The gated community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi might not be as old as Blue Area or DHA. Still, it has quickly become an eminent commercial hub of the twin cities. The name is now known as a brand in the housing schemes of Pakistan that are delivering a bright future, remarkable revenue, and ultra-modern lifestyle to its commercial and residential investors.

Civic Center, Bahria Town, is one of the gated community’s top commercial areas that offers investors remarkable investment opportunities. The top-notch gated community is also home to eminent projects – Pearl Mall & Residencia. You can also checkout the top commercial areas in Rawalpindi as well.

For those seeking commercial property in Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad is a must-consider option. Boasting careful planning and a prestigious location on both sides of GT Road, accessible via Bahria Expressway, it sets the stage for a sophisticated community offering lucrative opportunities for commercial investors.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Which sector is best for investment in Islamabad?

There are many sectors in Islamabad that are considered best sectors for investment in Islamabad such as Blue Area, G sector, I-18 and B17

2. Which is the best place for property investment in Islamabad?

Bahria Enclave is the best place for property investment in Islamabad

3. Which is the most developed sector in Islamabad?

F Sector of Islamabad is regarded as most developed sector in Islamabad

4. Which DHA is best for investment in Islamabad?

DHA Phase 3 is considered as best DHA Phase for investment in Islamabad.

Let’s wrap it up:

So that’s all for now! We hope the list will help investors and buyers choose the best investment option. However, it is advised to invest only in approved housing societies and projects. It ensures a safe investment and also promises to generate more RoI. Invest where you can but do it wisely – Happy Investing!!

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