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Dedicated Real Estate Projects for Overseas Pakistanis are Coming Soon

Real Estate Projects for Overseas Pakistanis

Minister of Information and Broadcasting (Fawad Hussain) declared Pakistan will soon launch dedicated real estate projects for overseas Pakistanis to offer them secure investment opportunities.

‘Overseas Pakistanis always stand behind Pakistan, to design it economically strong and Prime Minister (Imran Khan) promises to stand by with them. Which no such prime minister has even believed in doing for Pakistanis living abroad, Moreover, he said in an exclusive interview.

‘We are carrying an entirely new vision of overseas Pakistanis’ investment in Pakistan to keep them secure from any faked or scheming real estate projects.

According to him, the Govt had already developed land in the Capital (Islamabad) for the goal and was in the procedure of acquiring more land in Karachi, Lahore, and other significant cities for overseas Pakistanis. Additionally, Fawad Hussain stated, the premier will soon reveal the latest reliable investment projects for Pakistanis living abroad. The minister further declared that the premier had given precise instructions to the ambassadors in the Pakistani missions abroad that they would exclusively remain in their seats if overseas Pakistanis were happy with their job.

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