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Commercial Areas to Invest in Peshawar

Commercial Areas to Invest in Peshawar

Peshawar, the city of flowers, is flourishing, with a slew of new real estate developments dotting the horizon. Property prices have been rising as the city’s investment options have expanded. With an upsurge in tourism in the north, people are flocking to Peshawar to experience everything the city has to offer, and commercial areas dot the landscape. In this blog you will get the complete knowledge of Commercial Areas to Invest in Peshawar.

Peshawar, being the province’s capital, is a land with a population of roughly 2,273,000 million people, which is a large number for a metropolis. Before moving further first checkout Commercial vs Residential Real Estate Investment  to get proper knowledge and then proceed further.

Peshawar is a city with a growing population, who need big commercial centres , shopping malls and offices. 

There is a multitude of  Real Estate Projects in Peshawar where you can do real estate investment. Also checkout some of Best Real Estate Companies in Peshawar which are very helpful in making your decision in where to invest or where to not.

The outlook for property investment in Peshawar appears to be very promising. Local and foreign investors have expressed interest in Pakistan’s real estate sector. With competitive market trends, the town of flowers is now growing.  You can also check some of the Top Areas for Buying Houses in Peshawar.

These have emerged following a hiatus caused by the epidemic. Fortunately, in locations where considerable infrastructural upgrades have occurred, market activity is rapidly expanding. As a result, the city’s real estate projects in Peshawar is improving in a number of ways. 

The top commercial areas for investment in Peshawar are mentioned with key features and amenities. 

Here is the list of Commercial Areas to Invest in Peshawar

Commercial areas to invest in Peshawar 
1. Peshawar’s 091 Mall
2. DHA Peshawar
3. Peshawar Heights
4. Florenza
5. Gulbahar Peshawar


1. Peshawar’s 091 Mall : 

091 Mall Peshawar

It’s unfortunate that a city with such a large population and expanding KP investment (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) has so few malls. There are a lot of Benefits of Investing in Shopping Malls that people should know before investing in shopping malls.

This is the sole reason that Peshawar’s largest mall, 091 Mall, is now under development to meet the expanding demands of the city’s people. The one-of-a-kind mall, 091 Mall, is unlike any other, with the most stunning and perfect architecture imaginable.

The only developers of this massive project are the AH Group and Tayyab Builders. In addition, many shops for sale are present in University Road Peshawar’s 091 Mall. You can see how lovely the structure is, with its bizarre design and high-quality materials employed in its construction. The mall is divided over eight storeys, with three basements and a lower and upper ground floor.

This mall will revolutionize Real Estate Peshawar. No doubt about the project that it is massive but if you don’t know about investment then first educate yourself about How to Make a Profitable Property Investment in Pakistan and then proceed further.

The second floor is a mixed-use building, the third floor is known as Gold Souk, the fourth floor is home to a playland, a gym, and a spa, the fifth floor is the food court, and the sixth through eighth floors are dedicated to specialist offices.

The 091 is one of Peshawar’s largest shopping malls. Not only that, but it also has a playground and a number of rooftop investments. With the development of 091 Mall, the KP investment is taking a big step forward in history. This is one of the best areas to invest in Peshawar .

If you are looking for good investment in other cities of Pakistan then checkout Top 5 Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate Pakistan and then proceed further.

2. DHA Peshawar :

DHA Peshawar

Do you aspire to purchase a home in Peshawar, in a desirable location? Is it your dream to live in a safe and inclusive society? Then you may invest in DHA Peshawar right now and start living your dream.

On October 14th, 2017, the project was officially unveiled, capturing the interest of the whole real estate sector. It covers 17000 acres on Khyber Road in Peshawar Cantt and specialises in residential and commercial plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

The management also revealed that the provision of Sui Gas has been approved for the society, which is good news for investors. This is fantastic news on the surface, but investors should keep in mind that this achievement will also raise plot prices in society.

If you have plans to construct a house in DHA then you must know the Construction Cost of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal House and then move forward.

It is a commercial area with a well-planned route, a sewage management system, an emergency medical and surgical centre, recreational spaces, parks, academic institutions, commercial areas, schools and libraries, a graveyard, and a mosque.

It is a gated community where all social and business ideals are held responsible. DHAP should be at the top of your choice if you want to invest in well-known commercial developments in Peshawar and is also on of the best areas to invest in Peshawar.

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3. Peshawar Heights :

Peshawar Heights, located on Palosi Road, is a one-of-a-kind ground-plus-six-story structure in the heart of Peshawar’s educational district. Peshawar Heights not only meets people’s residential requirements but also offers commercial property in the form of stores to help residents and guests, as well as a variety of other facilities. Peshawar heights is also considered as  another best areas to invest in Peshawar where people invest and get good returns.

Before planning to invest in any where in Pakistan then checkout the Factors Affecting Real Estate Market in Pakistan and then invest.

This project is being constructed by a reputable developer and has been approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA), and it is available for immediate purchase. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments available, all with unrivalled amenities and services. 

4. Florenza :

Florenza Mall

The name ‘Florenza’, one of the real estate projects in Peshawar, is a combination of the terms ‘floral’ and ‘extravaganza,’ which is a phrase that comes to mind while thinking about Peshawar, i.e. The City of Flowers. It all adds up to exquisiteness that is exclusive to Peshawar and you. It is a commercial and residential complex that will be built on Peshawar’s most important thoroughfare, the Main University Road.

Apart from commercial investment , If you are looking for residential properties in Islamabad or Lahore then checkout some of the top Areas for Buying Houses in Lahore and then proceed further.

The enormous mall is located in the Forenza Mall and Residencia in the city centre of Peshawar. This is also a collaborative effort on the part of AH. The outstanding investing strategy includes investments ranging from Rs. 39 lacs to Rs. 6.1 crore.

This enormous commercial mall includes seven storeys and two basements. It will be amongst the few largest shopping mall in Peshawar.  It is one of Peshawar’s most rapidly rising cities. There are luxurious apartments, a large food mall, a penthouse, restaurants, and offices here. High-speed elevators are also offered. This mall is no 4 in the list of best areas to invest in Peshawar .

You won’t have to travel much because your office will be only 2 minutes away from your home. The outstanding location is on Main University Road, across from Custom House and close to Ali Tower. 

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5. Gulbahar Peshawar :

Another historic and planned area in Peshawar is Gulbahar. It is located between two of the city’s most important arteries — Peshawar Northern Bypass and National Highway (N-5) – and offers extremely inexpensive commercial areas to invest in.

Gulbahar, which is made up of large boulevards that run throughout the community, provides a plethora of facilities and amenities, many of which are within walking distance. From large mosques to world-class emergency response centres and shops, all amenities are built adjacent to residential units to make life easier for the residents. Gulbahar pehawar is on no 5 on the list of best areas to invest in Peshawar .

As a result, Gulbahar is one of the best real estate commercial investments in Peshawar. Plot Conversion is a difficult task , first get the knowledge of Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan and then move forward.

Summing Up :

Investing in a commercial area or a mall has its own set of benefits and drawbacks; but, with these Peshawar real estate developments, you may easily live the life you desire in a serene setting. The best commercial areas to invest in Peshawar, with some of the top KP investment ideas and real estate companies in Peshawar, you may now get a complete experience of Peshawar.

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