Maldives Invites Pakistan to Invest in Tourism

Maldives Invites Pakistan to Invest in Tourism

KARACHI: Farzana Zahir, the Maldivian High Commissioner to Pakistan, urged Pakistani business people to engage in Malaysia’s tourist and hospitality industries, adding that the two industries provide significant investment prospects.

In the tourist and hospitality industries, the Maldives has a 74 percent occupancy rate, which she claims ensures a high return on investment (ROI).

She mentioned this in an interview with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), where she also disclosed that the Maldives was aiming to diversify its sources of building materials imports, such as cement and steel, in order to meet rising demand for halal cuisine.

FPCCI chairman Irfran Iqbal Sheikh said there was a lot of demand for halal Pakistani food exports to the Maldives, including fresh fruits and vegetables, processed and semi-processed goods, dried fruits, organic snacks, rice, and halal meat. In the Maldivian market, he claimed, Pakistani food goods might compete with their fair prices, quality, and flavor.

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