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PLRA collected 11.34 billion from property transfer procedures in FY21-22

property transfer procedures

PLRA has collected 11.34 billion from mutation and property transfer procedures in the last fiscal year till now so far. According to the details Punjab Land Revenue Authority, the revenue is generated from around 0.84 million land-related processes that include the transfer of land, NOCs, fard certificates, and mutations. The revenue overall collected was 11.34 billion from different offline and online locations.

Some of the details of the revenue collection are as follows

  • Around 11 billion was collected under the fee for land transfer
  • Around 42 million was collected under the fee for service charges.

According to the details, the services of land transfer were provided in land record centers all over the province. For instance;

  • 33,070 land transfers were completed through express counters.
  • 23,210 land transfers were completed through the BOP
  • 5,473 transfers were completed through the Punjab Heredity Registrar office

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