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Rawalpindi Ring Road PC-I Revision Amid Material Cost Escalation

Rawalpindi Ring Road PC-I Revision Amid Material Cost Escalation

Rawalpindi: As a result of a substantial rise in the price of construction materials, the divisional administration has deemed it necessary to make adjustments to the plan for Project Concept-I (PC-I) for the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) project.

The estimated cost of construction for the project has been revised due to a significant increase in the prices of materials such as cement, iron, gasoline, and diesel. As a result, the initial construction cost of PKR 27 billion has been adjusted to PKR 31 billion. A meeting was held with representatives from the Rawalpindi Division administration, the RRR Project Management Unit, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), and the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), which was chaired by Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha to discuss the matter.

During the meeting, land acquisition for the project was also discussed. As per the RDA officials, a total of 9000 kanals of land is required for the construction of the 38.3-kilometer-long road, out of which almost 70% has already been acquired. A senior official from RDA, who preferred to remain anonymous, revealed that the initial survey conducted for the project covered 36 villages. Among these, eight villages (mouzas) are located in Gujar Khan, while the remaining are situated in Rawalpindi Tehsil. The survey work, which involves landmarking in the designated area, is still underway.

It has been confirmed by the project director, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, that a revision of the Rawalpindi Ring Road PC-I will take place due to the escalation in construction material prices. The cost of construction for the project may increase up to PKR 31 billion as a result of the revision. Commissioner Chatha further informed that a significant portion of the land required for the construction has already been acquired, with only PKR 300 million remaining for the purpose. This fund will be utilized to acquire the remaining land needed for the project. For real estate news and update visit realtorspk blog

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