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Sindh Government signs contract for the upgradation & Restoration of Sukkur Barrage with Group of Chinese Companies

restoration of Sukkur Barrage

The government of Sindh has signed a contract with a Group of Chinese Companies for the upgradation, modernization, and restoration of Sukkur Barrage. The statement of confirmation of the agreement was released by the project management office of the Sindh Barrage Improvement Project – SBIP.

It states that around 17.07 billion contracts were signed for restoration and upgradation work in Karachi between the government and China Road & Bridge Corporation, Hubei Shuizong Water Resources, and Hydropower Construction Company Limited.

The details state that the group of companies will restore the structure, replace the garage gates, perform jacketing of piers in canal head regulators & foundation overlay concrete, and install new transformers and standby generators, among other tasks of upgradation.

The group will also be responsible for constructing new workshops, offices, and laboratories and conducting the renovation process while considering aesthetic and monumental architectural aspects. The work is expected to start within weeks and be completed at a given time.

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