APCMA Report States that 48% Hike in Cement Exports

APCMA Report States Hike in Cement Exports-Realtorspk

Lahore: According to the released report of the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association, cement export has witnessed a hike of 48.46% as the export volume increased remarkably from last year till now.

On the contrary, cement sales from last year till now have declined by around 24% in the local market. According to the report, a 5 million tones sale was recorded in March 2022, whereas from then till now, i.e., March 2023, a total of 3.795 million tones sale have been recorded.

Furthermore, the sale declined by about 28.75% in the local market. According to the details, the north base cement plants sold cement with a decline of 28% approx. Likewise, the South-based mills bear a 26.14% decline in cement sales compared to last year.

On the contrary, the exports from Northern cement mills rose by 25% approx., and export of cement from Southern mills hiked around 57.40%. The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association spokesman said that the sales have declined due to economic fluctuation in the country. The situation has affected different industries in Pakistan, including the construction industry. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtors blogs.

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