Pakistan Launches 1st National Pavilion on China’s E-Commerce Platform

Pakistan Launches 1st National Pavilion

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad has opened a ‘national pavilion’ on China’s to provide a platform for traders from both nations to promote Pakistani items through Beijing’s massive internet market. is China’s largest online retailer, as well as the state’s largest total retailer and Internet corporation by revenue.

At a ceremony conducted at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, Moin ul Haque, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, launched Pakistan’s first online national pavilion.

“Our traders and exporters can open their shops and introduce their products through this platform and Chinese importers can also sell their Pakistan products,” he said, adding that Pakistani food products, garments, leather products, sports goods and even furniture could be promoted through this online platform.

One of the activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China was the launching ceremony.

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