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Capital Development Authority has finalized Built-Up Property (BuP) awards for Sector C-15

Capital Development Authority has finalized Built-Up Property (BuP) awards for Sector C-15

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has successfully concluded the pending process of built-up property (BuP) awards for Sector C-15, marking a significant achievement. The delayed awards had caused setbacks in construction work since the CDA acquired the sector in 2008.

Around 170 cases were approved (A list) and 350 cases remained incomplete (B list) due to documentation issues in the Dhoke Baba Ashraf area. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sardar Asif recently declared BuP awards, making 287 landowners eligible for compensation. Half had already received land compensation, while the rest will get plots.

The DC’s court-approved 174 out of 337 B list cases for transfer to the A list, rejecting the rest. The court cited that sufficient time and opportunities have been given to the petitioners. The judge ruled that the petitions were closed since “a considerable period has gone by and plenty of opportunities have been given to them, and no further action needs to be taken at this time.”

To avoid litigation, Deputy Commissioner Sardar Asif stressed the simultaneous announcement of land and BuP awards. The resolution of awards for Sector C-15 effectively settles the matter. The commendable efforts of the estate wing and DC court staff were acknowledged. After computerized balloting through Nadra, the CDA will allocate plots to eligible recipients, fostering smoother construction activities in the sector.

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