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CBD Punjab Boulevard & Kalma Chowk under Pass Lahore Completed in Record Time

CBD Punjab Boulevard & Kalma Chowk under Pass Lahore Completed in Record Time

Lahore: The city administration has recently announced the completion of the Kalma Chowk Underpass and the CBD Punjab Boulevard within an impressively short timeframe. As a result, considerable cost savings of approximately PKR 9 million have been achieved for the national treasury.

As per reports, the Gulberg Lahore underpass aimed to diminish traffic congestion and enhance connectivity, while the CBD Punjab Boulevard aimed to boost the local economy. Remarkably, the project construction commenced in November 2022 and was completed in May 2023 with exceptional efficiency. This swift completion was facilitated by meticulous planning, innovative construction techniques, and round-the-clock labor, leading to significant cost savings. The on-time delivery of the project resolved long-standing traffic issues for commuters and allowed the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority to conserve funds for future development endeavors.

Moreover, the Kalma Underpass gained global recognition for its affiliation with the Blue Road Initiative, a worldwide campaign that promotes sustainable transportation infrastructure. The eco-conscious construction of the project, which integrated eco-friendly technologies and water conservation tactics, received praise for minimizing its environmental impact and preserving natural resources. The international recognition earned by the Blue Road Initiative further elevates the city’s reputation and has the potential to attract more investments, ultimately increasing economic growth and sustainable development.

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