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CDA Shares Updates on Islamabad Expressway Expansion Project

CDA Shares updates on Islamabad Expressway Expansion Project-Realtorspk News

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has shared progress details on expanding Islamabad Expressway, aiming for completion by March 24.

The project must be completed by March 24th based on the given details. Currently, 60% of the work has been completed. However, there are concerns regarding meeting the remaining 40% within the next three months. The CDA officials, who have remained anonymous, express optimism that the project can be finished by March, provided that funding is available. However, specific individuals within the project team believe that completion by June is a more feasible timeline.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials have clarified that a significant portion of the road from PWD Interchange to G.T. Road in Rawat has been completed. Only 40% of the work still needs to be completed, which is currently in progress, focusing on completing work on the three main bridges. The completed part of the road spans approximately 4 kilometers from G.T. Road to Kak Pul, while the rest is still under construction in patches.

It’s worth noting that the CDA awarded a contract worth PKR 10.9 billion to the Frontier Work Organisation (FWO) for the rehabilitation and expansion of a 7-kilometer stretch from PWD Interchange to G.T. Road in Rawat. The project includes the construction of critical structures such as the Bhandhar Bridge, the Japan Road underpass, and the Soan Bridge. The project aims to add two rigid and two flexible lanes on each side of the expressway, which will help to address bottlenecks that have caused daily traffic disruptions.

Furthermore, the CDA has recently completed a 2-kilometer portion of the expressway from Korang Bridge to PWD Interchange at a total cost of PKR 2 billion. However, the work on expanding the railway bridge near PWD Interchange is still ongoing and is expected to be completed within three months. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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