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Government to Boost up Work on Thar to Port Qasim Railway Project

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Islamabad: The Government of Pakistan is set to boost construction work on a 105 km-long railway project from Thar to Port Qasim.

According to the details, the project aims to enhance connectivity while transporting coal from Thar’s fields to Power plants nationwide.

The ambitious project, set to be finalized by December 2024, boasts an estimated cost of Rs58 billion. However, it is a joint project funded by the federal and Sindh governments, but it will be managed by the federal authorities to ensure completion on time. Furthermore, the project will enhance the contribution of coal-based energy to the country’s energy sources.

The primary goal of this initiative is to transition 4 to 5 thermal power projects that currently depend on imported coal to utilizing Thar coal instead. This strategic move aims to significantly lower the nation’s import bills while leveraging domestic resources for sustainable energy production.

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