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LDA Sets Criteria For Possession Order Applicants

LDA Sets Criteria For Possession Order Applicants | Realtorspk

Lahore: LDA has set a criterion for applicants seeking the order for possession. The documents must be provided with the application at Lahore Development Authority’s One Window Cell.

According to the details, the required documents for the possession order are as follows:

·         Attested photocopies of Valid National Identity Card

·         Two Photos (attested and certified)

·         Allotment or exemption Letter

·         Up-to-date certified copy of the Sale Agreement Exemption Agreement

·         Ownership Franchise Letter (Copy)

·         Specimen Signatures and attested thumb rings (three)

·         Applicant Biometric

Furthermore, the applicants are asked to review the documents carefully before applying for a Possession Order. It should be done to avoid any late or mistakes in the process.

The authorities will reject the application if any of the said documents are found missing.

The criteria of documents are set to simplify and update the application process. Moreover, to make sure that only legitimate claims of possession are entertained.

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