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Pakistan Delegation Explores Smart City Partnerships in Beijing Meeting

Pakistan Delegation Explores Smart City Partnerships in Beijing Meeting

Islamabad: A delegation led by Senator Faisal Saleem and Muhammad Imran Masood, a Board of Investment (BOI) member, visited Anlu International Technology Company in Beijing. Their visit aimed to discuss the potential implementation of smart city construction projects in Pakistan.

“Our company is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to go global in the field of smart city. Following the Belt and Road Initiative, we have provided services to more than 30 countries and regions,” Liu Quanjun, the Chairman of Beijing Anlu, stated.

The company has been actively involved in constructing two major initiatives: the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project and the Lahore Safe City Project. By participating in these projects, the company has comprehensively understood Pakistan’s current situation and demand in this sector.

“I believe that China and Pakistan have great potential to cooperate in the construction of smart cities and smart transportation,” Liu conveyed his aspiration to strengthen the existing cooperation even further.

Mr. Saleem expressed his views and stated, “We appreciate Beijing Anlu’s contribution to Pakistan’s ‘informatization’ construction and welcome more and more Chinese companies to participate in building the safe city, intelligent transportation, and smart campuses in Pakistan.”

“We also want to invite Beijing Anlu to build connections with Pakistani universities to promote industry-university-research cooperation,” he further added.

At the recent meeting, the two sides engaged in a constructive dialogue concerning the contemporary challenges and prospects pertaining to governance practices and the establishment of smart cities in Pakistan. Both parties exchanged their respective views and sought to identify areas of common interest and potential collaboration.

The discussions were held in an amicable atmosphere, with a shared commitment to find pragmatic solutions that would benefit the country and foster mutual progress. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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