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Rawalpindi to Implement Uniform Building Bylaws Across All Tehsils

Rawalpindi to Implement Uniform Building Bylaws Across All Tehsils -Realtorspk

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi district administration is working on formulating and implementing uniform building regulations across all tehsils.

Rawalpindi district administration has initiated the process of formulating uniform building bylaws to be applied across all tehsils in the district. The move comes after the administration noted that differing bylaws in various tehsils had resulted in inconsistent and unplanned urban development. The district administration has sought input from assistant commissioners and other officials to develop a comprehensive set of regulations that are consistent and effective.

According to a senior district official, the new building regulations should consider each area’s specific geographic requirements. To this end, the district administration has sent sample bylaws to the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, district council, and tehsil administrations, requesting prompt feedback.

In 2019, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation introduced new building regulations, specifying the parking space for commercial plazas and increasing the height limit for commercial buildings. However, the district council and tehsils have laws that do not require builders to allocate parking space or ensure fire safety and earthquake-proof structures.

The district administration aims to generate revenue through commercialization fees and is working to develop new building bylaws to support this initiative. Fazle Akram, Chief Officer of the District Council, confirmed that the council is actively working on the new bylaws and will finalize them soon. Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation has already implemented the new bylaws, and other departments and civic agencies are expected to follow suit.

The uniform building bylaws will help streamline construction practices and enhancing safety standards in Rawalpindi’s tehsils. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs

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