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CDA Plans to Build a 5-Km Long Road Through Margalla Hills

CDA plans to build a 5-Km long road through Margalla Hills - Realtorspk

Islamabad: CDA has proposed to build a 5 km long road in Margalla Hills to Bari Imam. According to the details, the Engineering Wings of the Civic body will evaluate the proposal before submitting it to relevant higher authorities.

After the approval, the Engineering Wing will get PC-1 ready for the road and send it to CDA’s Development Working Party (DWO) for final approval.

The CDA official briefed that according to the proposal, an off-track road between the renowned restaurant to Bari Imam to improve traffic flow. It was ensured that relevant authorities would scrupulously review the plan before making a final decision. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs

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