BRT Peshawar Receives 5th Int’l Sustainable Transport Award

BRT Peshawar receives 5th int’l Sustainable Transport Award

Peshawar: The Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System has won the 5th International Award for Bus Industry Restructuring Program (BIRP). This initiative aims to restructure and revitalize public transportation systems.

In a press briefing held on Tuesday, Dr Tariq Usman, the CEO of TransPeshawar, proudly announced that the city has been honored with the Sustainable Transport Award (STA) for its groundbreaking Bus Industry Restructuring Program (BIRP). The program was successfully executed by TransPeshawar, with a primary focus on restructuring and revitalizing the public transport system in the city, leading to the removal of 504 outdated vehicles. This recognition serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of TransPeshawar to transform and enhance the transportation system in Peshawar.

The BIRP initiative was implemented with a strong focus on environmental considerations to replace outdated vehicles with modern, climate-friendly diesel-hybrid buses. The transformation that ensued led to a transportation system that is safer, inclusive, accessible, and environmentally friendly, making it a boon for the residents of Peshawar.

Several excellent projects from countries like India, Argentina, UAE, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, and China were nominated for a prestigious award. However, Peshawar’s BRT system was able to stand out among them and receive its fifth international recognition.

Ever since the inauguration of the BRT station, the surrounding area has been experiencing rapid urbanization. This has led to the development of several sustainable megaprojects, such as 091 Mall and Florenza Mall & Residencia, offering easy convenience to the people of Peshawar. These projects have enormous potential to not only uplift the lifestyle of the people but also to yield high investment returns.

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