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CDA-DWP Has Approved the PC-1 for Islamabad’s Development Project

CDA has approved the PC-1 for Islamabad’s development Project

Islamabad: CDA’s Working Party, i.e., CDA-DWP, has sanctioned PC-1 for several projects development in its jurisdiction. The decision was taken in a recent meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority, Mr. Amin Mengal.

The development includes four residential projects in various sectors, such as C-13, C-14, F-13, and E-13. Moreover, the chairman also approved the PC-1 for the 11th Avenue project.

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Here is the detail of the approved projects:

  • A project on C-13 worth approximately 1,078 million is approved with a timeline of one year. The project is in accordance with the Islamabad Master Plan. It aims to offer housing and apartments in the picturesque surroundings of the capital city.
  • A project in D-13 worth 10,249.348 million is approved with a timeline of 3 years.
  • A project worth 12,274.370 million in E-13 was approved with a timeline of three years.
  • Various development projects in F-13 worth 12,676.494 million were approved with a timeline of three years.

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In addition, the meeting approved the PC-I of various projects, including the Margalla Avenue extension with a budget of PKR 2,930.078 million, the construction of 11th Avenue with a total cost of PKR 19,350 million, completion of the pending work on the Multi-Purpose Citizen Club G-10 estimated at PKR 2,298.77 million, and the establishment of a national bus terminal with a budget of PKR 4,252 million.

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