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Funds Will Be Allocated for Plantation to Islamabad’s Road Projects

Funds Allocated for Plantation in Islamabad Road Projects-realtorspk

Islamabad authorities have taken the decision to dedicate 2% of overall funds for the construction of road projects for the development of green belts and plantations as part of a master plan to increase the amount of greenery in the city.

The efforts are made according to the updated Master Plan of Islamabad and aim to safeguard and maintain the city’s natural environment. By allocating funds towards plantations, it is expected that the city’s green coverage will be improved. Furthermore, it will also deal with the growing concern of air pollution.

Additionally, the civic body has chosen to prioritize planting native plant species along the roads. Recently, pine trees, native to the region, have been planted along main roads. The plants were procured from local nurseries.

The authorities have also shown their strong commitment to fostering a culture of plantation and intend to expand this initiative in various ways. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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