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CDA to Collaborate with Revenue Departments of Twin Cities for Joint Demarcation Drive on Kahuta Road

Demarcation drive on Kahuta Road

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to collaborate with the revenue departments of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to jointly conduct a demarcation drive on Sihala Road (Kahuta Road). The purpose of this drive is to determine the Right of Way (ROW) and identify any encroachments along the road. If encroachments are found, necessary action will be taken to clear the ROW. The CDA aims to promptly initiate this joint demarcation drive to resolve the matter swiftly.


During a meeting discussing the issue of encroachments on Kahuta Road’s ROW, CDA General Enforcement Deputy Director Shahjahan Khan explained that the demarcation drive will involve the participation of the Revenue Departments of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, along with the CDA Land Wing.


It was highlighted by a CDA official that the width of the right of way along Kahuta Road varies between 30 and 85 feet from Kakpul to G.T. Road. The road falls within the jurisdiction of Islamabad but is currently under the administration of Rawalpindi. It serves as an important link connecting Grand Trunk Road with Islamabad Expressway, starting from G.T. Road and extending up to Kahuta.

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