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CDA is Considering Drone Technology to boost High-rise Firefighting System in Islamabad

Drones in firefighting system

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is presently contemplating the adoption of drone technology to enhance firefighting operations in high-rise buildings in Islamabad. The utilization of drones has the potential to enhance real-time situational awareness, outline fire perimeters, and detect hotspots, particularly in towering structures.

Last year, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued firefighting limitations, urging federal and provincial governments, public and private developments, and authorities to consider the Fire Safety Provisions 2016. The municipal authority presently owns 25 fire tenders and 4 snorkels. However, the snorkels are constrained in their capacity to access high-rise structures during critical situations.

In Islamabad, specialized drones with high-definition cameras equipped with thermal imaging have already been successfully deployed for various operations, such as surveillance in hiking trails and other sensitive areas. In other developed nations, firefighting drones are outfitted with several sensors that assist in fire mapping and the timely update of fire landscapes.

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