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How to Check property Ownership in Pakistan Online

How to check property ownership in Pakistan online-realtorspk

A decade or two before, nobody could think of checking Property ownership in Pakistan online. Thanks to the easy accessibility and abundant availability of technologies and devices such as smartphones and high-speed internet, life has become easier, and many complicated tasks have been solved without issues.

Although our country is far behind in technologies from the world, efforts are still being made to deal with the needs of technology and meet the requirements accordingly. To stay in the game on the digital revolution going on in the world, the relevant authorities of Pakistan are taking initiatives. For instance, now you can read our blog on property valuation certificate in Pakistan.

Electronic portals, advanced and user-friendly mobile applications, and various websites are helpful to facilitate people. Among various digitization efforts, the government has successfully digitized urban land record systems in different provinces. The government has also launched a digital system that allows to check Property ownership in Pakistan online.

Importance of digitization of Urban Land Records in Punjab and Sindh:

Checking property ownership online has made the process systematic and transparent. Therefore, one can easily monitor and check the process of property transfer and transactions of real estate. The sites and apps also guide the procedure of selling and transferring property in Pakistan.

For long years, Pakistanis have faced issues in checking property ownership when going for real estate investment. There was no system online or organized system to check land records or property online. Therefore, people had to deal with Patwaris, and it caused many issues. Many times people were sabotaged and deprived of their rights in land due to a slow and corrupted manual system. Property rights of women in Pakistan is a subject with minimum knowledge, and the corrupt system increased the difficulties for women to get their justified rights.

The old system was not only slow, lengthy, and frustrating, but also it was corrupted. Therefore, to make the process fast and transparent, digital systems became a need of time. Hence, the government introduced digital systems known as Land Record Management Information System or LRIMS in Punjab and Land Administration and Record Management Information System or LARIMS in Sindh.

Land Record Management Information System in provinces was launched to deal with the issue faced by land and real estate owners in Pakistan. The digitally maintained database is responsible for revolutionizing the investment in real estate and tracking land ownership in the minimum possible time. The application and digital systems like Plra online booking appointment play an essential role in ending the activities related to encroachments and illegal constructions.

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS)

LRIMS is launched in Sindh and Punjab as a digitally advanced portal that is maintained by the revenue departments of the provinces. By visiting their websites, you can easily check property ownership in Pakistan online. is here with a step-to-step guide on how to check property ownership online in Pakistan. The guide is helpful to those who want to stay up-to-date with real estate industry breakthroughs or dealing in the property sector for the first time.

Let’s get started:

How to Check Property Ownership in Sindh and Punjab?

Unsure about how to verify property ownership online in Pakistan? Let us walk you through the recently introduced digital procedure comprehensively.Punjab land record authority

  • Depending on the city and the province you are living you can follow the process of property verification. However, both websites have similar ways when you want to know How to Verify Property Ownership in Punjab or Sindh. Here are the steps:
  • Open the web browser and visit the website of Punjab Zameen or Sindh Zameen Land Record.
  • You will be redirected to the landing page of the website. On the home page, click on the button of “Property Registration.” You will be quickly redirected to “”.
  • Now you have to be careful as you need to put lots of data on the page. First of all, you will be choosing the district of the property from the given drop-down menu.
  • The next step is to choose the Taluka or Tehsil from another menu next to the first one.
  • Once done, choose the property area from the menu.
  • Afterward, define the criterion of the search. The website will show you three options to choose from Khewat Number of the Property, in easy words, the property number, or CNIC.
  • After filling in all the necessary details in the tabs, click on the search button to get all the necessary information about property ownership.

That’s all the procedure regarding How to Check Property Ownership in Sindh and Punjab. The Punjab Land Record Authority has also launched an app so that users can check how to verify property ownership in Punjab on mobile. But it is only available for Android smartphones.

What is the Importance of the Digitalization of Urban Land Records in Pakistan?

Now that you know all about checking ownership of properties online. It is essential that you must know why it is important to digitize the procedure. Let’s get into the details without further delay.

  • The population is increasing day by day, and every now and then, a new housing society is developing, or new high-rise and mixed buildings are established. Likewise, with fast internet connections and online banking, investment from overseas has become easier. Also get to know more about the Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan.
  • People are interested in investment in real estate but are afraid of land grabbing, fraud, and scams. Verifying the process was long, and normally, it takes several days to get the data on ownership of the property. The process becomes long and complicated due to many factors, including corruption and bribery.
  • With the digitization of land records, people can now invest with peace and more surety. The process of verifying the ownership of real estate now takes only a few minutes instead of several days or weeks.
  • Furthermore, unlike the traditional process of verification, the records of land are available online. They can be accessed from anywhere in Pakistan, completely free.
  • The fast verification of the property means it will take minimum time to close the deal, i.e., the completion of the mutation (the process of real estate transfer). However, it is important to go for property inspection before finalizing the deal to avoid future issues.
  • One of the major advantages of the Land Record Management Information System in Sindh and Punjab is that the user/ investor can also check whether the property they are looking for has been verified by NADRA – The National Database Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.
  • Digitization has made the system transparent and reliable, and it is increasing the interest of overseas Pakistanis to invest in their homeland.
  • Precisely, the online system to check property ownership in Pakistan is having a positive effect on society, and people can now easily search for their dream homes.

Let’s wrap it up:

So that’s all for now! We hope that the guide will help how to check property ownership in Pakistan online and people can invest with full content in real estate in Pakistan. always recommends investing in approved housing societies and high-rise projects. By investing in approved projects like 091 Mall, Florenza Mall & Residencia, or housing societies like AH City, the investors can invest in a better future and get more chances to generate ROI. Last but not least, remember the famous saying of Louis Glickman, The best investment on earth is earth“.

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