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Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan

Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan-Realtorspk

Investment in the property industry of Pakistan consists of many shapes and forms; it can be an ideal way to generate profit and be a successful businessperson. Before indulging in the real estate business, one should know about a few crucial things, such as the types of properties in Pakistan. Once you are aware of it, investing becomes easier.

What is meant by Real Estate properties?

Real Estate property comprises land and the structures that are built on it. It includes houses, high rises, farms, and land full of natural resources. Investment in real estate can be utilized for many purposes, for instance, commercial, residential, agricultural, or industrial. Also read our blog on Effects of Political Instability on the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan.

The properties can be sold, leased, or bought and can offer a good appreciation in value with time. The property value is determined by size, location, and economy, among other factors. The investors can also make a profit through rents and other means. All these factors make the property industry an attractive investment option for all.

Types of Real Estate Properties in Pakistan:

You can make informed investment decisions with a better understanding of real estate. The information can help you stay current on market trends and make wise financing decisions, minimize tax liability, and plan a better future.

Better knowledge of tax rules, legal requirements, and financial requirements of every type of real estate helps maximize the RoI and ensures a secure and profitable future. With an understanding of real estate property types, one can lead the investment in the ideal direction. has gathered 6 types of real estate properties in Pakistan. Let’s have a look!

  • plots
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Agricultural Lands
  • State owned Lands

1. Plots:


Plots are a piece of land labeled for residential or commercial development and construction. In Pakistan, plots are usually used to construct houses, shops, or commercial structures. Plots are available for rent or purchase. Plots are comparatively lower than houses, and the prices vary on size, location, and similar factors.

The plot owner has the flexibility to build and develop the plot as they find it suitable within the laws and regulations of the area. Plots can be sold and purchased for investment purposes, and the ROI on plots is remarkable.

In our country, investment in plots is the most common type of investment in Real Estate as it offers a great deal of value appreciation over time and provides flexibility in construction.

2. Residential Properties:

residential property-realtorspk

Residential or domestic properties are the second most common type of investment in Pakistan. Mostly the properties are purchased for living purposes. Residential properties include houses, townhouses, independent homes, flats, apartments, villas, duplexes, etc.

Domestic Properties are available for ownership, rent, and multiple other options, such as house flipping and investment purposes. Domestic properties offer various options for individuals and families of all types.

Residential real estate is located mostly in urban and suburban areas with proximity to facilities and amenities such as educational institutes, healthcare centers, and parks. Therefore, people prefer to find homes in the best places in the metro cities of Pakistan. Moreover, the investor prefers a property with modern features such as ultra-modern infrastructure, maintenance, and utility services. Also read a Guide to Selling and Transferring Property in Pakistan

Residential properties are in high demand in Pakistan due to the increasing population in the country. Therefore many people are investing in high-rise and mixed properties in urban areas. Among the common type of residential properties, a few are:

A single-family home is commonly a multi-story or single-story building designed for the living of a single family. The houses for single families are comparatively more affordable than multi-story residential buildings. They can generate revenue for the owner, such as rental revenue. The home offers a complete package of much-needed facilities and amenities such as a yard, garage, or lawn.

Apartments and flats are another common type of residential property in Pakistan. The apartments are readily available and offer almost all amenities and facilities, like houses, at lesser prices.

In mixed-use buildings, the residents can stay in the construction and avail of facilities like utility stores, gyms, spas, etc. Apartments are also a great income source through rent and offer good RoI over time.

3. Commercial Properties:

commercial property-realtorspk

Commercial real estate is the building structure for business or commerce, such as shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, and misc—commercial properties. The building structure can be owned and rented out for a variety of business options, such as a small space for a shop or a big office for multi-national companies.

The commercial building is typically located in urban areas with proximity to transportation. The real estate features many facilities, for instance, security, parking area, and loading docks.

Office buildings are the most common type of commercial property. It can be a small building accommodating small businesses unit or a huge multi-structure that can be owned, rented, and leased. The office building includes meeting rooms, private offices, common areas, etc.

4. Agricultural Land:

type of properties in pakistan-realtorspk

Agricultural land/properties are used for irrigation and farming purposes. The land is purchased, rented, or leased for farming, crop cultivation, and livestock breeding. Anyone can own and rent such property. Agricultural real estate can vary from small family size to massive/ huge agricultural operations.

The land is typically available in rural areas of Pakistan. It offers easy water access, an irrigation system, and facilities to store the products. As Pakistan is known as an agricultural country, it is a huge source to generate employment and contributes to the GDP of Pakistan.

5. Industrial Properties:

types of properties-industrial land

Industrial Real Estate is used by manufacturers, factory owners, assembles, and people who need the space to store their products. The property is available to own or leased to the concerned persons. The Industrial properties are available in different sizes, such as large factories or small warehouses. Industrial properties are usually located far from living areas but near transportation. The properties feature a variety of things, for instance, storage facilities, loading docks, power, and water supply.

6. State-owned Land:

state owned property-realtorspk

These types of properties are controlled and owned by the country’s government. It can be the structure of building land or any other asset. The state-owned property is used for multiple purposes, such as parade grounds, government educational institutes, healthcare centers, or recreational parks.

The land is managed and maintained by the government. However, it can be leased under contract by the government according to strict policies and priorities.

Let’s wrap up:

That’s all for now! Once you are aware of the real estate types in Pakistan, you can easily invest according to your budget and personal preferences. Stay in touch with for the latest news and information.

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