CDA takes Measures to Curb Fake Allotments of Plot Files

CDA takes Measures to Curb Fake Allotments of Plot Files

Islamabad: The CDA has decided that all files relevant to the allotment of plots will be transferred and uploaded to the NRTC (National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation) system after May 16. This development is sought at denying the mock allotments of plot files.

The CDA’s branch in charge of managing matters of landowners whose land is developed by the civic authority and who are authorized to alternate plots has met multiple queries for fake allotment cases a few years ago. Currently, these issues are being investigated by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

As per a CDA administrator from the information technology branch, the management has chosen to transfer all the cases of the said branch, and the estate administration wing will be considered via the NRTC system. Through this, all plot files will be traceable and will be available to all CDA officers. The applicants will be capable to obtain the status of files scanned through a tracking number.

Moreover, the official confirmed that the possibilities of bogus and fake allotments will be drastically decreased if this system is executed successfully. The CDA also published a notification to this effect and declared that all cases of people whose land has been acquired by the authority will be redirected to NRTC and frequent updates about the improvement of individual cases will be uploaded. From here onwards, no fresh or existing file is to be transferred without entry into the NRTC system.

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