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CDWP Approves Nine Multi-Billion Projects

CDWP Approves Nine Multi-Billion Projects-Realtorspk

Islamabad: The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) gives a go-ahead to nine mega development projects to attract international investments from bilateral and multilateral lenders.

During a recent session chaired by Dr. Jehanzeb Khan, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, it was brought to notice that several national development projects worth PKR 224 billion were under consideration. These projects cover various sectors, including education, food and agriculture, water resources energy, social welfare, science and technology, transport and communication, and physical planning and housing.

The CDWP approved five smaller projects worth PKR 10.02 billion. In addition, the committee recommended four more significant initiatives totaling PKR 213.86 billion to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for further evaluation.

The details of the approved projects are as below:

• A KPK Food Security Support Project worth PKR 24.64 billion. The project aims to assist farmers affected by the floods in 2022. The project is fully funded by Japan (USD 5 million and The Asian Development Bank (USD 83 million).

• A School Rehabilitation Project in Sindh worth USD 300 million (PKR 83.19 billion). The project covers 17 districts and aims to reconstruct and upgrade schools affected by natural calamities.

• Asian Development Bank supports the Women Inclusive Finance Development Programme with over USD 100 million. The initiative empowers women entrepreneurs to boost economic growth.

• A water project in Sindh worth PKR 74.62 billion. This project aims to improve water management and agriculture.

Furthermore, the CDWP granted approval to five development projects. The projects include the Rehabilitation project in Balochistan. The schools affected by floods will be rehabilitated. The aim of the initiative is to rebuild schools in multiple districts.

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