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CM KP Inaugurates Three Mega Development Projects in Peshawar

Development Projects in Peshawar

Peshawar: Chief Minister Mahmood Khan conducted the groundbreaking ceremony of three mega development projects in Peshawar under the supervision of KPCIP – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cities Improvement Project. These projects are expected to be completed at PKR 4 billion.

The three mega-development projects included:

  1. The extension and modification of Bagh-e-Naran Park.
  2. The restoration and refinement of the water supply system.
  3. The establishment of Besai Park at Hayatabad.

Moreover, the inaugural ceremony was carried out at the Bagh-e-Naran, Peshawar. The CM laid the foundation stone for enhancing and rehabilitating the water supply system and ordered it to complete at the estimated cost of PKR 2.8 billion.

Under this project, many constructions and restoration activities can be carried out, such as replacing a 155-kilometer-long distribution network, constructing new water reservoirs, rehabilitating existing aloft water reservoirs, and establishing new household connections and water meters. Further, the project contains solarisation of the current tube wells and restoration and reconstruction of tube wells connected to the overhead reservoirs.

Another mega development project was the wing of Bagh-e-Naran, which will cost PKR 535 million. The said project contains multiple facilities, including a skating zone for children, cycling & jogging tracks, a family area, an open-air gym, a playground, and recreational facilities.

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