FWO Drives Significant Improvement on 128 Km Lillah-Jhelum Dual Carriageway

FWO Drives Significant Improvement

The FWO – Frontier Works Organization, once again provides superiority as it runs up work on the Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway (LJDC). The 128KM prolonged road is on its path to fulfillment within the prescribed time. Earlier, FWO uploaded a video displaying the latest expansions in the project. According to the video, FWO has constructed constant progress on the road’s earthworks, grading, leveling, and embankment filling. This is definitely a significant achievement as FWO has been driven to make major improvements in a brief amount of time. To clarify, the project was inaugurated in November 2021 with PM Imran Khan portraying the groundbreaking.

Moreover, PM Khan instructed the completion of the Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway by March 2023. He directed the administrations involved to complete phase one of the project — Lillah Interchange to Pind Dadan Khan and the second phase – Misri Morr to Bukhari Chowk by June this year. Also, he ordered that the project will obtain funds from Punjab’s development budget.

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