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Is it Better to Buy or Construct a House?

Build vs. Buy House – a decision that takes effort to take every time. Are you looking for a living space that suits your needs perfectly? It is a place you can call home as it encompasses all the desired comfort and style options that fit perfectly to your needs. Here, consider building your house from scratch.

But if you are worried about the time and energy you might spend building a house from the beginning, there is a list of things to consider before choosing Construction Material for Property. Sometimes, the 5-marla house construction cost goes way up than you have estimated while building from scratch. An already-built house can save all the fuss, but here, you might compromise a little on design.

Factors to Consider Before Constructing a House:

Feeling puzzled or confused? Worry not. will help you decide between Build vs. Buy house as we have listed the major ups and downs of constructing or building a house. Before here are a few things that are must to consider while you are opting for constructing a house.

1. Location:

Location is the first thing while investing in real estate. So, do you have any location in mind, or are you still wondering where to start? The location of the property is important as the property value is depending most on the location. Sometimes, people want to live in places that are near to their workplace or educational institutes, and for a few, a peaceful neighborhood in the suburbs is the preference.

When checking out for options, keep in mind that only some locations are ideal for living in an apartment, and few are good choices for a house. On a lighter note, please read our guide on Apartment living vs house living to get an idea of what’s best for you. While looking for a location, you can also get an idea of the Floor plan for 7 Marla house design that is prevalent in the area.

2. Size of plot:

While considering location, make sure the next step is knowing the exact land size you are interested in. It can be in sq ft or in marlas. To simplify things, you can use an online tool for plot size conversion and know about the exact size.

3. Interiors and Design Plans:

Other key factors to consider while building a house are interior design and floor plans. The 7 Marla house construction cost or 5 marla house construction depends on many factors such as floor plans and Interior Design Ideas for your home decor. A floor plan for 7 Marla house design with one floor costs approximately 40% less than a floor plan with two floors and top-notch interior design ideas. While constructing a house, you must consider building bylaws of the area.

Buy or Build a House?

The decision to construct a house or build a new one is very important; therefore, it requires consideration. On a lighter note, while constructing a home from zero, a know-how of construction tools can be helpful. Here, we will weigh both options for constructing or building a house and find out which options best fit your needs. Let’s get ready!

build or construct a house

1. Financing Your Home:

Building or buying a house entirely through savings can be difficult in today’s inflation. You can either build a home with mortgages or sell old property. Luckily, by using adjustment module, you can adjust your assets to make or buy a dream home.

Apart from this, there are various options available to finance your homes. Buying a house is a massive investment, and now a days, it requires a minimum of 50 Lacs to own a house. The government introduces financing schemes and various banks to make the dream of owning a home easy. For instance, you can opt for the State Bank of Pakistan’s markup subsidy scheme or apply to banks providing home loans on easy terms. With these financing facilities, you can pay loans in easy installments.

However, buying a home on loan is easier than building a house, as you might have to request two loans.:

  • Buy  a Land
  • Construct a house

Meanwhile, make sure that you have given an accurate estimate of the construction price.

The 5 marla house construction cost is way different than 7 marla house construction cost. Normally, requesting two loans at once is a longer and more expensive process than applying for one.

2. Cost Comparison:

If the loan is not in the cards and you have sound capital to buy or construct a house, here is another thing to consider, “Cost Comparison.”

Compare the cost of constructing a house with buying a home. It is a prevalent mindset that buying an already-built house is easier than purchasing land and constructing a house. Moreover, while the house is under construction, where will you stay? Renting a home is the only available option, and it is also an additional cost you will be paying.

On the contrary, buying a house in a luxurious area might be way more expensive than buying a home in a suburb or an affordable locality. Likewise, sometimes the already-built house needs additional repairs and changes. Sometimes, these little amendments and repairs cost more than constructing a house from scratch. Hence, it is important to consider your budget and compare the cost while making such a huge decision.

3. Preferred style or Comfort? What’s Your Choice?

Buying an already-built house means you can comfortably shift and decorate your home to live. All you might need to do is research a little on bedroom furniture or living room curtains, and bingo!

Therefore, if you look forward to settling immediately after investing in real estate, you should choose an already-built house. On the other hand, if you are not ready to compromise on a space that fits perfectly your needs, then there is a little wait until your house is constructed according to the requirements.

Normally, the most common size of a house in Pakistan is 5 Marla or 7 Marla, and you can easily check out different floor plan for 5 marla house design that fits your needs and budget.

Therefore, if customization is your choice, build a house from scratch, and if you prefer comfort, then buying an already-built home is perfect for you.

4. Customization as You Desire:

Building your own living place gives you authority on customization. You can add or subtract the facilities and amenities in the house as you wish. For instance, you can reduce 7 Marla House construction cost by making changes in design. Likewise, you can add a home office in floor plan for 5 Marla house design if it is something you need badly.

Modern homes are mostly equipped with facilities and amenities that match the busy lifestyle of the people. Many people spend quality time with friends and family from their homes. Therefore, you can set up a swimming pool, a small library, an indoor gym, a children’s play area, etc. A workstation/ home office is also a great addition to a house.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to enjoying all these facilities, remember that adding a new room or corner in an under-construction house is much easier than in an already-built home.

5. Value of Property:

Remember that the newer a property is, the greater its value! Newly built houses are designed and constructed with up-to-date designs and architecture. Likewise, the newer a building is, the more robust its structure! So, if you are investing in real estate to generate revenue in the short term, then constructing a new home can be a good option.

On the contrary, an older house might also give you a return on investment, but it can be lower than expectations, and you might need to make some repairs and changes to increase its value.


So these are a few crucial points that must be considered while constructing or buying an already-built house. Carefully consider all these factors while keeping your capital/budget in mind. Moreover, you can also discuss with trustworthy and experienced people to make well-informed choices.

Share your thoughts on what will be your choice after considering these factors! Stay tuned to for information and the latest news on Real estate.

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