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Marble vs Wooden Flooring-Which is a Better Option?

Marble vs Wooden Flooring-Realtorspk

According to a survey, people notice the floor first when they visit any place for the first time. So, it is not wrong to say that floors give visitors the first impression of our house. Therefore, it is essential to be very careful while choosing the floor of your house.

It is an old saying, “Buy once, buy well,” and it goes perfectly with the floors. Once floors are installed, they are supposed to be changed at least after 10 to 15 years. Considering all the aforementioned things, choosing the floor type with lots of caution is crucial. Checkout the best Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Decor.

Whether you are looking for some bold ultra-modern designs or classic schemes, only the right flooring can enhance the beauty of the space and act as an ample area to become the centre of attraction. There are numerous flooring options available in the market; you can choose from marble, wood, terrazzo, and bamboo, but in Pakistan, people generally choose from marble or wood flooring.

The Best Types of Flooring:

The ideal options for floors are the ones that withstand for a long time in terms of durability, style, maintenance and material. Wood and marble are both popular choices for many reasons. It can be unique natural colors and marble marking, which leave the visitors mesmerized, or texture and classic yet graceful and new look of wood that give luxurious vibes. Both floorings blend beauty with practical usage and become the user’s top choice. Explore How To Decide Between Renovation And Rebuilding Your House.

However, appearance is not all that matters, and there are many factors to consider when selecting the floor for your property. From design to maintenance and durability to price, all determine what type of floor you need. Wood and Marble are both natural materials that give a luxurious and elegant finish & increase the resale value of the real estate. However, both have pros and cons, making it a good choice for one and a bad decision for the other.

Marble vs Wood Flooring

Flooring plays a crucial role in house design and construction. While marble and wood are good choices selecting one from them can be a challenging task. Realtorspk.com is here with the pros and cons of both to help you decide on the right flooring for your house. Let’s have a look!

marble and wood floor-realtorspk

Marble Flooring:

Marble gives a luxurious, calm, and relaxed feel, and it is the first choice of many Pakistani households.

Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring:

Here we will discuss pros and cons of marble flooring:

Pros of Marble Flooring:

Here are a few pros of incorporating marble into your flooring:

pros of marble flooring-realtorspk

1. Naturally Refined:

Marble is a natural stone; hence every time or marble has a uniqueness with variety and delicate markings. Unlike most stones found in nature, marble has the added benefit of being able to undergo polishing, resulting in an even sleeker appearance. Also checkout the 10 easiest ways to decorate your house.

2. Luminate the area:

Marble reflects light – and it is one of the features that make it a distinctive flooring option. The floor helps to enhance the light and illuminate the area as it reflects the natural light. Marble floors also make the room look bigger and brighter than its actual size. Therefore, it brings colors to the room and makes it look more pleasant.

3. Exceptional thermal conductivity

Stones and ceramic tiles are extremely cold underfoot. Therefore, the marble floors are an excellent foundation for the luminous heating system on the floor. In winter, when marble floors are compared with in-floor heating, they can be cozy and comfortable.

Due to exceptional thermal conductivity, marble floorings are considered a top choice in the regions that receive hotter days and have longer summers. The floors keep the house cooler and give a comfortable vibe to the residents and visitors.

4. Allergen Free floorings:

Marble is a natural material and an excellent choice for flooring as it does not retain germs or collect dust and pollen particles on its surface or base. You can easily see the dust on it and wipe it with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Hence it prevents any harmful bacteria or allergens.

5. Boost the Real Estate Value:

Marble comes with a heavy price tag and is often linked with luxury. Therefore, it automatically increases the value of the home in case you plan to resell the property in the future. If you want to buy new furniture checkout the Simple Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide.

Marbles are also associated with durability as they can withstand external pressure and are best for places with heavy footfalls, like bathrooms and living rooms. The durability factor adds to the overall value of real estate.

6. Versatility:

Marble floorings are the most versatile choice for any place. You can install them at any corner of the house and enjoy the timeless beauty. With the help of technology, many options are now available, from colors to patterns and to design. The edges can be molded and cut out in shapes to customize as per personal preferences.

Cons of Marble Flooring:

Here we will discuss the cons of marble flooring:

1. Not-Cost Effective:

Marble is typically an expensive choice for floors than other stones. It is made of natural material; therefore, the tiles are hardly replaceable in case of damage. Moreover, installing marble is also an expensive and time taking task.

2. Vulnerable to stains:

Marble floors can easily stain and require polishing from time to time, so it does not lose their charming looks

3. Slipping Risk:

Marble flooring is smooth and luxurious stones, but it becomes slippery over time. Therefore, marble is not a good choice in bathrooms.

Wood Floor:

Wood Floors are typically available in many types and categories to make floors beautiful. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

Pros of Wooden Flooring:

Some of the Pros of wooden floor includes:

wooden flooring-realtorspk blog

1. Versatility:

Wooden floorings are the most versatile type of flooring worldwide. You can choose from the natural wood tiles such as bamboo or classic wood types. Moreover, there are categories of synthetic wood, such as laminate floorings and wood planks made of hardwood.

2. Every Piece is Exclusive:

Natural wood floors offer a unique look to the floor as every knot and plank is different from others. They have different shades, knots & grains; therefore, wood offers an exclusive look to the floor.

3. Soft and cozy floors:

Compared to marble, wood is soft to touch, with warm and comfortable flooring. Therefore, it is a good choice in places with cooler temperatures and long winters.

4. Timeless beauty:

Wooden flooring means installing a floor that will stay for long years and look graceful and aesthetically pleasing forever. The best thing about wood floors is that they fit and match both traditional and modern interiors and styles of houses.

5. Anti-Allergen:

It is a natural material, so the floor does not absorb dust and dust mites. Hence, there is very little chance of allergies and bacteria in your house. Wood keeps the environment clean.

Cons of Wooden Flooring:

Let’s have a look at wood flooring cons:

1. Expensive:

There is no doubt original wood floors are very expensive. Therefore, it is associated with flooring for royals.

2. Low resistance:

The wood planks and laminated floors are high in maintenance and have a low resistance to scratches and blows.

What to choose? Wood or Marble:

Flooring is a matter of lots of consideration. Before picking the one, think carefully what is your exact requirements and budget. Living in a humid region, marble is a good choice. On the other hand, living in a region with low-temperature wood can do the trick. Most importantly, it also depends on your personal preference and style taste. Choose what seems best to you.

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