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Pakistan Allows Fruit Export to Russia via Land Route

Pakistan Allows Fruit Export to Russia via Land Route -Realtorspk

Pakistan has initiated the export of fruits to Russia via a land route spanning approximately 6,000 kilometers. Over the weekend, sixteen trucks belonging to Pakistan’s National Logistics Corporation (NLC) transported oranges to the Russian cities of Derbent and Grozny.

Russia has lauded the efforts of NLC, acknowledging their role in bolstering bilateral trade between the two nations. NLC, a state-owned entity, facilitates the export of various Pakistani products, including bananas, meat, and seafood, to Central Asia and China.

In September 2023, goods from Russia entered Pakistan under the Transport International Routes (TIR) Convention, streamlining cross-border trade without intermediate customs checks. Both Pakistan and Uzbekistan, as signatories of the TIR Convention, have intensified efforts to boost bilateral trade, evident in the $1 billion trade deal signed in February.

Pakistan actively pursues stronger trade ties with neighboring and Central Asian countries, alongside endeavors to attract foreign investments, particularly from the Middle East, to bolster forex reserves and stabilize the devalued rupee. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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