Punjab Police Recovers More than 500 Stolen Cars and Motorcycles

An excellent achievement has been unlocked by the Punjab police in the last 20 days. Car and bike robbery is so common in Punjab, particularly in Lahore. Punjab Police is placing its best forces to beat the crime and recover individuals’ stolen automobiles. According to the recent development, AVLS – Punjab’s Anti-Vehicles Lifting Staff has arrested car and motorcycle thief gangs and rescued more than 500 stolen vehicles in 20 days.

Punjab Police recently carried a press conference to deliver the stolen vehicles back to the residents. After the press conference, SP, AVLS (Aftab Phularwan) briefed the media that the police gave 592 challans and rescued stolen vehicles worth of Rs. 03 crore and 72 lacs.

A surprising thing was police have rescued 13 to 14 years old stolen vehicles and shocked the citizens who had failed all hopes. The citizens were so grateful to the Punjab Police for doing their best and getting them back their vehicles.

Moreover, SP Phularwan stated the Punjab Police is performing on the orders of Additional Inspector General (IG) Fayyaz Ahmad. As a part of this concept, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Investigations Shahzada Sultan has created an action plan with the police force to make the residents feel safe by recovering their stolen belongings.

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