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Caretaker CM Laid Foundation Stone for Daducha Dam

Caretaker CM Laid Foundation Stone for Daducha Dam-Realtorspk

Rawalpindi: The Daducha Dam construction has been formally initiated by Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, in a bold move to combat the pressing issue of water scarcity in Rawalpindi.

The cost of the Daducha Dam project was initially PKR 6.7 billion, which significantly increased to PKR 14 billion over the last couple of years. The dam project is expected to provide a significant solution to Rawalpindi’s water scarcity issues, with a daily supply of 35 million gallons. The dam’s construction is on schedule and expected to be completed within the next two years.

CM Naqvi highlighted the urgent need to address the acute water shortage in Garrison City. Moreover, he commended the efforts of the Punjab Chief Secretary and Commissioner Rawalpindi in overcoming all barriers to ensure the initiation of the dam project.

As per the latest updates on the development work, the project has made substantial progress, with a financial status of 26% and physical progress of 12%. This project is of utmost importance, specifically during the summer when the water shortage in Rawalpindi reaches as high as 60 MGD. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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