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CDA Opens Facilitation Center to Expedite Building Plan Approval

CDA Opens Facilitation Center to Expedite Building Plan Approval

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority’s Building Control Directorate has introduced a fast-track service and opened a facilitation center to streamline the process.

The CDA has implemented a state-of-the-art approval process for building plans at its facilitation center, which promises swift and efficient services to the citizens. This advanced system ensures that residential buildings up to 356 yards will receive approval, along with all the required documents, within two working days upon payment of an additional fee of PKR 20,000.

Approval for larger residential buildings exceeding 356 yards will be granted within two days, with a fee of PKR 30,000. Furthermore, commercial buildings that measure 10,000 square yards or less will undergo a highly efficient approval process that will be completed within three days.

A dedicated desk has been established to address these matters. After receiving a token, citizens can use the fast-track service to go directly to the relevant desk based on their assigned number. This helps to process their case quickly by the respective desk.

By implementing the fast-track service, citizens visiting the CDA Facilitation Center experience minimal wait times and don’t have to stand in lines unnecessarily. Once all the necessary paper documents are completed, approval will be granted promptly, enhancing the approval process’s overall efficiency. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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