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The 5 Best Water Parks in Karachi

list of best water parks in karachi-realtorspk

As the summer approaches and schools announce summer vacations, families and tourist flocks go to different spots to spend quality time with friends and family. Many people love visiting water parks in Karachi and having fun. There are numerous best water parks in Karachi that offer an ideal gateway from scorching heat and spend some splashy cool, and fun time with family.

Whenever we hear the name Karachi, we immediately think of tantalizing food, Quaid’s mausoleum, sky rises, renowned malls and majestic & tranquil sea. Karachi is the largest and most populated city in Pakistan; it is the industrial and financial hub of the country and home to a variety of recreational parks and amusement parks, resorts, zoos, historical points, beaches, clubs & restaurants, cinemas and the list never ends.

The most interesting thing about Karachi is that it offers a few of the best water parks in the country, even after having a lush and vast coastline. During the summers, these water parks in Karachi are must-go places for people to enjoy and cool off. With abundant facilities, many people move toward the provincial capital and look for suitable areas. Please read our blog on top areas to buy houses in Karachi and find the ideal house in the big city.

List of Best Water Parks in Karachi:

Karachi receives quite a large number of tourists from different regions of Pakistan and all over the world. We can see many foreigners and tourists at recreational points like beaches and water parks in Karachi, visiting and praising the beautiful and fun-filled places. Also explore the culture heritage of pakistan by visiting the best museums in Pakistan.

The largest city in Pakistan is brimming with various sites to explore. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind with friends or family, recommends looking through the list below and exploring a few of the city’s best water parks that perfectly fit your needs. Let’s get started:

Name             Address Timings Contact number
1. Dream World Water Park Karachi Gulshan-e-Maymar, Super Highway, Adjacent to Block R Taiser Town 10am to 7pm 0340-1111501 – 3
2.The Great Fiesta Karachi Survey No. 25, Deh Amilano Tappo Kathore, Main Super Highway 10:30 am to 5:30 pm 0333 3529940
3.Water World Family Park G-16 state 2 Deh Karkharo Gadap Town 10 am to 6 pm 0345-8288885
4.Picnic World Water Park Gadap Town, Karachi City, Sindh 10 am to 6 pm 0336-2611153
5.Al Mehran Water Park Behind Al-Habib Restaurant in Gadap Town     —— 0300-9288548


1. Dream World Water Park Karachi:

Dream World Water Park Karachi is a marvelous resort near the city. It offers a perfect gateway for loved ones to beat the heat in Karachi. The park is famous as a family water park in Karachi due to its services and environment.

water parks in karachi-realtorspk

The resort and park are a splendid way to enjoy the best quality services, fun-filled activities and a chilly wave pool. Every feature of the park makes it the finest water park in Karachi. There are lots of things that can be done in the amusing water park. You can choose to enjoy an artificial sea, a wave pool, and a variety of water slides, including round and flatwater slides for adults and children. As it is a family water park in Karachi, you will find separate pools for men and women, inflatable pool floats for kids and facilities for boating for the young.

With a wide range of swimming pools, visitors can choose from an artificial sea, a wave pool, and simple pools to take a refreshing dip. For the convenience of men and women, separate pools are also available. The variety of water-filled activities and facilities in the park makes swimming extra fun and exciting for all.

Dream World Water Park Entry Ticket:

The price of one ticket cost 900 for adults and 750 + for children. However, the price changes from time to time.

If you want to have fun swimming time in other cities during the summer, read our blog on top swimming pools in Islamabad and check out the perfect option available for you.

2. The Great Fiesta Karachi:

The Great Fiesta water park is also one of Karachi’s fun-filled splashy, exciting family water parks. It is also known as a world-class water park in the city. As the name says, the park is a great way to festive in water and is way different from any other traditional water park in the city.

Best water parks in Karachi-realtorspk

The full-filled recreational spot is a technologically advanced place full of action, thrilling rides, excitement and an abundance of amazing features. Once you enter the park, the splashing activities will not let you go, and you will be immersed in the wavy fun all day. Explore the natural beauty of pakistan by visiting the lakes in pakistan.

It is the ultimate water sports place for holidays in Karachi for those looking for a stimulating, adventurous and entertaining place to visit with family and friends. Take a dip in one of their swimming pools and kill the heat of the weather.

There is a variety of fun-filled activities in Great Fiesta Karachi that are set up to make your day a memorable fun day. You can enjoy the water rides, thrilling slides, and feast at infamous food joints and restaurants.

To stay safe while having fun, there are separate rides for adults and children. Some fun adult rides include Boomerangs, wave pools, cyclones, free falls, pendulums, etc. At the same time, the rides for children include The jungle, aqua play, family slide, cyclone pool, etc.

The Great Fiesta water park Entry Ticket:

The ticket price per head is 1500 rupees, but it changes occasionally. The park administration facilitates the visitors with abundant facilities such as a prayer area, a canopy area to shelter from the sun, first aid kits, tantalizing food items at the food corner, a water slide accessories shop, separate changing and showering rooms and much more.

3. Water World Family Park:

Water World Family Park is another fun-filled family park in Karachi. Due to several facilities and features, it is also known as one of the best water parks in Karachi. The park has become a symbol of fun-filled, exciting recreational water activities in Karachi.

top water parks in karachi-realtorspk

The park administration ensures to provide thrill and fun for all while the security staff ensures international standard security for everyone. The safety and security standards ensure the safety of sliders and ensure their comfort while they have fun.

The splashy water spot is ideal for kids and adults. It has dedicated space to eat and rest. Enjoy the home brought food here or feast on a huge selection of dishes from renowned restaurants with your family and friends. Also checkout the best online shopping websites in Pakistan.

Moreover, you can sit and relax in areas with canopies and shades after enjoying fun-filled activities. Apart from water-filled activities and rides, there are separate children’s play areas, artificial waterfalls, a pet zone and a skating area. Pakistan is a country blessed with natural beauty explore the most beautiful hill stations of pakistan.

Cherry on the top, there is a dedicated lawn area with an artificial lake where you can celebrate your special occasions like birthdays, and anniversaries, conduct concerts, DJ services, etc. A few famous rides in the water park are Jumbo Fall and a variety of slides for men and women, including tunnel slides, giant slides, free fall slides, ladies’ pool, and much more.

Water World Family Park Entry Ticket:

One person’s entry ticket to Water World Family Park is 1200 rupees (subject to change).

4. Picnic World Water Park Karachi:

Picnic World, Water Park Karachi, is another excellent family water park. One feature that makes it a favorite for all is its economical ticket. Picnic World, Water Park Karachi ticket, is 600 per head, and children under 3 are free. Hence, everyone can enjoy the fun-filled water rides without paying a hefty amount.

famous water parks in karachi-realtorspk blog

The park is economical, yet it offers advanced rides and exciting, fun-filled activities to all. There are many facilities for the visitors, such as lockers to store your belongings, eatery places with thrilling rides and separate pools for women and children.

5. Al Mehran Water Park:

Al Mehran Water Park is not as big as others on the list, but it offers as many facilities and thrilling activities as all others. You can enjoy it with family or friends to cool off the heat of summer. The park offers a separate pool for adults and children. The adult pool has round slides along with classic water slides.

popular water parks in karachi-realtorspk

After having fun-filled activities, the visitors can rest at a small zoo. They ensure people stay engaged and entertained with animals. Most importantly, there is a café so you can rest and sip your tea or juice with refreshments after having fun.

Al Mehran Water Park Entry Ticket:

The ticket to Al Mehran Water Park for adults is 800 rupees.

Let’s wrap it up:

That’s all for now! We hope now you can have a cool and thrilling vacation season with family and friends. Water parks are ideal for spending quality time with friends and family. Relish thrilling water activities and let your tensions float far away. Who says summer can’t be fun… Enjoy the splashy, cool summer ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of Great Fiesta Water Park Karachi?

Entry tickets for Fiesta Water Park cost PKR 1,200 per person

2. Where is the highest waterslide in Pakistan?

Free Fall at Grand Fiesta in Pakistan

3. Which is the largest water theme park in Pakistan?

Sozo Water Park is the largest water theme park in Pakistan.

4. Where is the fastest water slide in Pakistan?

Free Fall at Grand Fiesta in Karachi.

5. What is the price of Dream World Water Park in Karachi?

The price of one ticket cost 900 for adults and 750 + for children.

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