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Exploring The Winterland Lahore – First Ever Indoor Snow Park

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Scorching heat, rising temperatures and long sunny days will not leave us any time sooner. Lahore is one of the hottest cities in Pakistan, and many people visit northern areas to cool off, but it is way out of budget for many people. However, now you can enjoy the -10 degree temperature, snowfall, chilly air and much more without leaving Lahore. Surprised? Well, it is possible because now you can enjoy winter in summer at Pakistan’s first indoor Snow Park, Lahore.

The amazing theme park is created to let people have fun and enjoy winter adventures in the peak of summer. Snow Park in Lahore provides families with the best entertainment, making their family time more fun and happier and creating cherished memories. Meanwhile, if you live in Karachi or visiting the city, you can go to water parks in Karachi and make your holidays more splashy and cool.

The chilly winter theme indoor park opened its doors to the public on 3rd June in a grand ceremony, proving to be a famous visiting point for all. Now you do not need to spend thousands to visit northern areas for chilly air and snow fun as everything is possible in Winterland Lahore.

winterland lahore-realtorspk blog

Winterland is carefully designed with numerous attractions and engaging activities to bring joy and spark a sense of wonder for everyone. The indoor snow park commits to delivering magical moments and nourishing the zestful culture of families by turning dreams of enjoying the snow in summer within the magical grounds of Winterland Lahore.

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Exploring Winterland Lahore:

The park has many amazing features, such as the website of Winterland Lahore boost that approx. High pressure and a thin air mist create seven thousand tons of solid ice. Hence, the snow is not artificial, but it is completely natural. The visitors can enjoy all the fun activities by purchasing tickets. The Winterland ticket last for a session of one hour, and the park stays open around the week.


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Are you thrilled to visit Winterland Lahore and want to know more? You are at the right place. has all the information on Snow Park of Lahore, including features, location timings, ticket prices and more. So let’s get started and immerse in the beauty of snowy features of magical winter grounds.

Winterland Lahore Location:

The magical kingdom of snow is located in Ghaznavi Block, Sector F, Bahria Town Lahore, near Rahia Goldplex Cinema & Eiffel Tower.

Winterland Lahore Features:

There are numerous features that make Winterland Park a popular recreational place for everyone. The features of Snow Park are:

  • Great Wall of China’s Ice replica
  • Marvel Characters Ice structures
  • Ice Figurines
  • 100 Celsius ice covered play area
  • Godzilla and King Kong ice models
  • Slides, structures and ice sculptures
  • Igloos
  • Penguin World and Space World
  • Brake cars

Winterland Lahore Activities:

Here is a list of activities you can enjoy with family and friends.

1. Zipline:

Suspended 12 feet above the snowfall area in the park, you can now enjoy the mystifying environment through the winter sky on the exciting Zipline. Chill and thrill as you immerse yourself in your memorable sky adventure.

Zipline in snow park lahore-realtorspk


2. Ice skating:

We all love skating, and many love skating on streets and parks. However, only a few enjoy the opportunity of ice skating. Now experience the grace of gliding at the ice-covered surface in Winter Land Lahore. Whether you are a pro atskating or doing it for the first time at winter land park, it is an activity you must do.winterland in lahore-realtorspk

3. Snow Play Area:


Get yourself enchanted at the snow play area. The arena is covered in white, soft snow from live snowfall. The area is perfect for building a snowman and having a snow fight with family.

Snow Play area in winterland-realtorspk

4. Merry Snow Round:

Merry go-round is a favorite of all. Merry Snow Round will become your next favorite after visiting Winterland Park in Lahore. Take a spin on an air-inflated tube tied to an ice platform. The tube spins in a circular direction.


5. Bumper Cars:

Embark on the journey of bumpers cars and have thrilling rides on the ice! There is a space for two rides, so you can enjoy the ride by challenging friends and family members. The slippery surface of the ice adds more to the fun.

indoor snow park in lahore-realtorspk


6. Tunnel and Infinity Slide:


Tunnel and infinity slides are popular activities at a winter theme park. The slide is around 15 to 18 feet high and open slide shaped as an infinity loop. The slide is entirely made of ice.The tunnel slide is steep and entirely covered in snow made of ice. You can enjoy the thrilling slides (it is not for faint-hearted people).

Tunnel slide in winter land lahore-realtorspk

7. Kids Play Area:

Besides these fun activities, kids can enjoy areas dedicated to kids only. The area is designed with small ice slides, sculptures to play on, steeping piano and much more.


Terms and Conditions:

When you book a ticket for Winterland, you are subject to follow some terms and conditions, including:

  • One ticket is for one person only
  • Children under two are exempted but must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • The ticket holder must appear at the booking office 10 minutes before the session.
  • Hood, jackets and gloves will be provided to ticket holders with ticket purchase.
  • Accessories are subject to availability.
  • For detail, visit the Winterland website.

Procedure of Winterland Lahore Tickets:

Tickets for Winterland Lahore must be bought in advance. You can book online or visit the location by visiting the location or on the phone.

Let’s have a look at how to book the tickets:

  • Open browser and visit “”
  • Go to the “Book now” tab and click.
  • Now you will have options to book Standard Ticket or Premium Ticket.
  • Choose and click on your desired option
  • Pick date, day, timeslot and total number of tickets.
  • Click on Add to Cart
  • Go to the tab “Check-out”
  • Add billing information
  • Choose Place Order section
  • Make payment through Card (ATM or IBFT).
  • Pay and proceed
  • Now enter your billing information.
  • Select “Place Order”
  • Choose the online payment option with IBFT and ATM cards
  • Pay and proceed.
  • AT arrival show the code of ticket at the entrance

Winter Land Ticket Price:

Winterland Lahore Ticket Price is as follows:

  • Standard Ticket of Winterland Lahore: 1,499/- PKR
  • Premium Pass of Winterland Lahore: 2,499/- PKR

winterland ticket price-realtorspk

Contact Information for Winterland Lahore

For booking, details and queries the contact information of Snow Park is:

  • Contact number: 0304-111-7669
  • Email:
  • Visit Facebook at
  • Website:

Let’s wrap it up:

That’s all for Winterland Lahore! We hope Pakistan’s exclusive indoor snow park will be a great addition to your favorite recreational spots. Visit with family and friends and make your holidays more memorable and cherished. Have Fun!

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