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List of 10 Best Clothing Brands For Men’s In Pakistan

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Fashion trends and preferences of men have evolved so much. Men who used to shop infrequently are now searching for exquisite male clothing brands. Luckily, there is a vast range of dresses and attire for men in Pakistan. But wait! Are you looking for the best clothing brands for men in Pakistan?

There are several popular clothing brands in Pakistan launching exquisite collections. From Western casual to formal wear, we often see the latest trends and guides to upgrade the men’s style. The creativity of the brands and designers is not confined to Western wear, but there are collections of traditional wear with a twist of modernity.

Big clothing brands have earned their reputation for a reason, and trendy fashion markers know what’s in and out of style. So, to make it easy for you all, has enlisted top clothing brands for men. Let’s explore together!

Best Clothing Brands For Men In Pakistan

Here are the top 10 clothing brands for men. Each brand has a unique taste. So here we go!

J.(Junaid Jamshed)

If you are looking for Eastern wear premium quality apparel, J. is the brand you have been looking for. J. offers an exquisite range of unstitched and stitched kurtas, shalwar kameez, and waistcoats. The elegant designs of the outfits and beautiful colors have earned it a place among the finest male clothing brands.

The brand offers not only solid outfits but it also has trendy floral and embroidered dresses for men. J. has its outlets in big shopping malls, including shopping malls in Islamabad.

With its unique touch,  J. helps men showcase their taste in style. Moreover, the quality of the fabric is premium. J. is an affordable brand and remains light on the wallet.


Next on our list of best clothing brands for men in Pakistan is Bonanza Satrangi. Bonanza Satrangi is a fantastic brand that keeps its style game on point. Every season, it introduces versatile collections with unique designs that become must-haves for men.One can also check out their exclusive 11.11 sale on the biggest online shopping website in Pakistan i.e; Daraz, homeshopping,and ishopping etc.

But wait! Do you want to know the best part of this brand? The prices are reasonable. The brand offers both unstitched and stitched collections ranging from traditional men’s attire to formal clothing.

You’ll absolutely love their collection of kurtas, premium waistcoats, and decent shalwar kameez. It is, undoubtedly one of the best clothing brands for men.


If you are searching for the best Western clothing brands for men, you must try Charcoal. It is one of the leading male clothing brands.

With over 30 outlets, Charcoal offers a wide range of t-shirts, formal shirts, and three-piece suits. The brand offers the best men’s dress shirts and pants. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual outing, Charcoal has got you covered. The brand’s quality and sophisticated designs will make you stand out. Charcol also has its outlet in the biggest shopping malls of Peshawar.

So, you don’t have to waste hours searching for a good suit for your next business meeting. Just visit its nearby outlet and grab your favorite item.

Gul Ahmed

When showcasing the epitome of ethnic designs and prints, there’s no better name in Pakistan than Ideas by Gul Ahmed. This brand offers an extraordinary range of unstitched and stitched dresses. The brand offers a wide range of formal and informal wear for men, securing a position in top men’s clothing brands.

The brand is affordable, and the quality is unmatched. Unlike other brands that restrict men to darker shades, Gul Ahmed allows them to don pastel and bright colors to stand out at formal and casual events.


Eden Robe is one of the popular men’s clothing brands. It is a leading name in traditional Eastern wear and boasts an extensive collection that will leave you wanting more. When it comes to customer satisfaction and design, Eden Robe never compromises and always delivers the best. Also checkout the best interior designing companies in Pakistan.

The quality of their fabric is matchless, ensuring that their garments are not just stylish but also long-lasting. So, if you’re looking for the best Kurta or Shalwar Kameez designs, head to their stores or website and experience the ultimate in men’s fashion.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is a visionary who has revolutionized the fashion industry. The brand is acknowledged as one of the best clothing brands for men. Their outfits are a perfect fit to attend weddings and other traditional events. The brand’s formal wear is considered a standard of elegance and class.

Deepak Perwani’s extravagant designs and distinctive classic and modern clothing styles have earned it worldwide fame. The brand is a bit expensive, but every penny you spend is worth it. To make your big day memorable, check out the affordable marquees in Islamabad.


Levi’s Pakistan is a fashion brand that caters to the needs of Pakistani men who appreciate Western-style clothing with sophistication. The brand boasts innovative designs and uses top-quality fabrics to create stylish, comfortable clothing that fits perfectly. It is widely recognized as one of the best clothing brands for men, primarily for its casual clothing range, including jeans and t-shirts. Levi’s has a strong online presence nationally and internationally too. Apart from that, running an online clothing store is one of the best business ideas for students. Among men’s designer dress shirts brands, Levi’s is a top choice for people who love casual wear with class.

The brand’s flagship product, Levis, is known for its exceptional durability and premium quality that exceeds expectations. Although Levis may be priced slightly higher than other denim brands, its value is supreme.


Next on our list is Stoneage. It is one of the top men’s clothing brands. It has always been a preferred choice of fashion enthusiasts owing to its unsurpassed quality and trendy styles. The brand has earned a reputation for its diverse range of Western clothing for men, boasting unique designs and patterns.

The brand is committed to providing its customers with clothing that meets their needs and fashion aspirations. Stoneage offers a wide range of clothing, including formal and casual wear. However, it is more recognized for its casual wear, which exudes a perfect blend of comfort and style.


The brand is all about representing the taste and style of youth most uniquely and awesomely. Outfitters have been around for almost two decades. Every season, it becomes a trendsetter with its attractive, funky, and trendy fashion items like t-shirts, pants, sweaters, pullovers, footwear, jeans, cardigans, and more.

However, the brand is known for its premium leather jackets and is listed among the best leather jacket brands. Outfitters is super popular among youth, and the best part is that it is pretty affordable. Also, check out the best business ideas in Pakistan related to men’s wear boutiques.


Next on our list of best clothing brands for men is Cougar. It’s a fabulous fashion brand perfect for the urban youth of Pakistan who are always looking for something fresh and trendy. Cougar offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories that are perfect for anyone.

Their women’s collection has everything from sleek skirts, slacks, and leggings to cozy coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Like Outfitters, it is also one of Pakistan’s best leather jacket brands.


What are the top 5 branded fashion?

The top 5 fashion brands include

  1. Deepak Perwani
  2. Eden Robe
  3. Outfitters
  4. Stoneage

Which clothing brand is best in Pakistan for men?

The best male clothing brands are Gul Ahmed for traditional and Charcoal for Western outfits.

Who is the most famous Male fashion designer in Pakistan?

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, aka HSY is a famous designer in Pakistan. HSY has some of the most exquisite designs for men.

What are the top 5 male fashion designers of Pakistan?

The top 5 male fashion designers include:

  1. Deepak Perwani
  2. Asim Jofa
  3. Nomi Ansari
  4. Amir Adnan
  5. HSY

Let’s Wrap it up

This blog has compiled a list of the best clothing brands for men in Pakistan. Depending on your choice and the event you must attend, you can grab your favorite articles without wasting hours searching for the perfect outfit. So, this was it. By the way, you can share this blog with someone who has excellent taste in men’s clothes in Pakistan.

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